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MMMoffice Login Page – MMM Office Nigeria Registration | MMM New Rules & Guides

Despite every challenge, MMM—Nigeria has been waxing strong day by day. MMM-Nigeria is an online mutual financial aid community. It gives 30% and 50% interests to their members. The 30% is on naira donations while Bitcoin goes with 50%. So, you can make money online through MMM Office Nigeria Registration.

Caution: The Onlinedailys team do not by this article encourage you to join MMM against your will. You are joining on your own risk and conscience. If you must Join, use your spare money.

Before going into the MMM Office Nigeria Registration, hear this. Many people are afraid of MMM because of the incidence that happened in December. However, we already know that nobody has lost money in MMM. People whose money were stuck in MMM have been getting paid through this new rule. In fact, many have already withdrawn all previous money in the system.

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MMM Office Nigeria Registration

You can register for MMM today and join the number of Nigerians still making money through this platform. To join MMM, here is the process to follow.

  1. Visit the official MMM website-mmm-nigeria.net.
  2. Click on “Registration”. This opens up a new page for registration.MMM Office Nigeria Registration
  3. In the new page, fill up the entire details. Do not edit anything on the “invite”. Leave it as it is.
  4. Afterwards, click on “Register In MMM” and you are done.

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After Registration, What Next?

After you have registered, here are the next things to do in your account.

  • Log into your account through this mmmoffice.com
  • Type in the numbers you see in the open page. This proves you are human. Click on login.
  • Next, put in your email and password and login.
  • Locate and click on “accounts”. There will be three options “Add, Edit or Delete”.
  • Click on “Add”.
  • Fill in your banking details or Bitcoin wallet (if you want to trade on Bitcoin). If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, leave it like that.
  • Afterwards, click on save.
  • Next, click on Dashboard.
  • Click on “Provide Help”.
  • Put in the amount you want to start with (please note, you should join with your spare money).
  • Then, wait until you are merged with who to pay. This will take from 1-10days.
  • Pay the person and call the person to approve your payment.
  • When it is up to 30days, click on “Get Help”.
  • Another MMM will be merged to pay you with the interest.

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To read all about MMM Rules, follow this link:

Also, to read people’s testimonies about their payments in MMM-Nigeria, follow this link:

Remember, to register log onto this link: MMM-Registration.

If you have any question concerning MMM Office Nigeria Registration, we will be glad to answer the question. Please share this news.

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  1. Hi, how can one recover his/her formal investment on this platform before the fall and re-born pls.


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