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Mobile Paytm App Download – Sign up, Login Use Paytm.com

Downloading the Mobile Paytm App allows you to carry out your various activities that Paytm offers, only through the app you can signup to create a wallet account.

The Paytm mobile app is free to download and it is available on android and iOS phones. Use the steps below to sign up and login fast.

How to Download Mobile Paytm App

In order to start using the Paytm service the first step is downloading the latest Paytm Mobile App which you get for free. No cost for downloading app.

The Mobile Paytm App is available on Android Store, iOS App Store, and Windows Phones.

Alternatively, you can download the app from the official website www.paytm.com but will still redirect back to your mobile App store page.

How to Sign Up Paytm on Mobile App

Now you have downloaded the Mobile Paytm App, the next is cresting an account if you’re a new user, otherwise you click on the “Login to Paytm” to access your account. But before then you have have clear up the screen instructions which comes in this form;

Paytm auth image

Clik on the “Allow” to enable the Paytm mobile app have complete access to the listed features on your device.

Now you are good to start your Paytm registration on Mobile Phone using these steps below;

Step 1: Click on “Create a New Account”

On clicking the create account button, you will get a notification (blocking the screen) asking you to allow Paytm send you sms. Please “always allow” in order to fully using the features which Paytm has to offer.

Step 2: Enter your mobile Phone Number

Enter your phone number, and click next. Your will be sent verification code via SMS to verify the account. Now you’re done. Enter your accounut and setup your account.

You can also refer to this page HERE and see how the Paytm registration process seems to be.


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