OPay Ride App Download Latest Version for Mobile Phones

Pay Digital Services Limited releases an innivative on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service. To allow it’s users with ease live a comfortablee life.

Opay services are found cheaper than every other same services out there.

The goal of this page ifs to show how to download Opay Ride app for mobile phone. Because as an agent or customer you still need the App to operate. And enlighten how the Opay progamme benefits the riders and the passengers.

About Opay Riders

A huge emphasis has been placed on driver training and safety. Several steps have been taken to ensure this. The Opay company have taken steps to hold a monthly class for the riders.

All ORide motorbikes come with a pre-adjusted speed limit of 60kmph. Also, the motorbikes have a unique tracking devices attached to them and can be tracked online in real time”.

Both riders and passengers who take ORide are covered by comprehensive insurance and will also have access to 24hrs customer support service. In addition, Riders have access to healthcare.

How to download OPay Ride App For Mobile

You can either Download the OPay app on Google Play store or iOS app store Using the link provided.

Or if the link doesn’t open, simply;

  • log on to your phone App area.
  • launch the app store. For Google – Play Store, for and iOS – App store.
  • use the search bar and type in the keyword; ” OPay app “
  • Its very possible that the first result will be the official OPay app (or you should know it by the logo or app produced by OPay Digital Services Limited). So tap on it to open and click on the “Install” button.
OPay Ride image logo
This is the official OPay Ride logo

Please note that the download and installation process happens together. So you have to give it few mins for the process to complete.

  • launch/open the app after the installation is completed.
  • Now began the registration or login process as showed in the above steps.

Things you Can Do With the Opay Mobile App

Hail a bike (ORide)

With OPay you can hail a bike and pay instantly from your OPay account. Refer a friend to use ORide and you get coupons to enjoy free rides with ORide.

Send and/or Request Money

Choose from your contact book or type in a phone number to send or request money for free.

Multiple funding options

Funding your wallet is so easy. You can fund from your bank app or by adding your cards.

Mobile data Purchase for all Networks

You can purchase airtime for yourself, for family or friends from any network using the OPay app. Starting Process and completion is one-click.

Pay Bills

You can pay your bills using the the same app in ease with just one-click and its done. No more worries or stress to go stand in queue.

Pay Bills such as;

Paid TV Services: You can pay for your GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES subscription using OPay and the beauty is we don’t charge any convenience fee.

Electricity bill: You can pay for your prepaid electricity with OPay and we don’t charge any convenience fee.

Place Betting with the OPay App

Now you can fund your Bet9ja, KingsBet, etc. wallet from your OPay app. No convenience fee required.

Order Food

Just as already said before that Opay offers a wide range of servers which O-Food is not excluded. With your App right in your office or living-home you can make order of any kind of food you desire.

All you need is to select your favourite and best restaurants from the OPay app and place your order straight away.

Digital Receipts History Checker

You want to know what you have been spending? No worries about that because you can as well gather all of your purchase history all in one place.

OPay Ride Agent Registration From

Becoming an acredited Opay ride agent should be a great opportunity because they aim in providing formal and informal sector to access the tools, training, skills and finance they need for a better life leveraging the use of mobile phones and technology.

We have shown how to sign up as an agent and full steps to start and complete your Opay Angent form. Access the complete Opay Agent registration guideline here.

However, Opay has multiple business channels to start making money, not only through the OPay Ride. You will also see ways to be a bsuiness pertiner with the company when you visit the page link above.

Feel free to share your questions and contributions about OPay Ride service or other Opay services; whether as an agent or a ride-hailing. We want to hear from you all.

Also, we’ll appreciate it more when you share this page with your friends on any/all social median.

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