List of Mobile Wallet Apps that allows you Pay for Electricity Bill in Nigeria

Being able to carry out important and urgent transaction right in your comfort place has been the demand of users. But unfortunately, only a few Mobile Wallet Apps allows the buying and payment of electricity bill in Nigeria.

Generally, apps like OPay shouldn’t be omitted when it comes to listing top mobile wallet apps, but on this “list of Mobile Wallet Apps that allows you Pay for Electricity Bill in Nigeria,” we still have to mention it for the benefit of people living in the supported regions.

The following list of Mobile Wallet Apps for paying electricity bills was selected based on the following reasons;

  1. Accessible in every states and region in Nigeria. Irrespective of where you are, state, or location, you can pay for electricity bills, buy the token unit, and borrow units.
  2. Can be used for business (for an agent). Well, in this aspect, we disqualify The rest of the listed apps gives points and bonus for every bill paid. And no extra cash is added to any amount you want to buy or pay for.
  3. Fantastic features like; ability to calculate and show you the equivalent number of the unit you want to purchase once you enter the amount.
  4. No limit to the amount of electricity bill you can pay for.

Mobile Wallet Apps that allows you Pay/But Electricity in Nigeria

  • PalmPay
  • Baxi Mobile


palmpay mobile

PalmPay is one of the best mobile wallet apps at the moment. It allows you to earn points called “Cashback” – for every single transaction you carry out.

The app is easy to use and an Agent can as well use it to accumulate points that are automatically cash you can spend to buy and pay for call credit, date, buying tickets, transfer fund, and to buy/pay for electricity.

There is no limit to the amount of point you can acquire. You can decide to use it up or use it later or keep accumulating it.

Baxi Mobile

baxi mobile

Baxi Mobile is also another great app that allows users (as an agent and for personal use) to buy and pay for their electricity bill in Nigeria.

No extra charges when you pay or buy electricity, instead you earn more points as you keep using the for that service and other services integrated into the Baxi app.

Baxi has nice features to relax you and provide a reliable service. For instance, Baxi app has the ability to calculate the intended amount of electricity bill you want to buy. Shows you your electricity account details; if you’re owning or not.

BuyPower mobile

BuyPower is a fantastic app you should download for your electricity bill payments and purchases. The app is specially designed for electricity services.

You can track your meter to know how your electricity is consumed, check your balance, get alert when your electricity unit is running low, etc.

But why we won’t recommend for Agents to use BuyPower is because it is expensive to use. BuyPower charge for any transaction you want to carry out on the app. The charge rate starts from N100.

However, individuals can download the app and start using it. But certainly not for a business like POS Agent service.


opay mobile agent app

OPay is best on every service which they offer. It is a great app with reliable service. Their customer care service is 99% at alert to attend to all issues.

But the only limitation is there OPay only allows some regions to use the electricity service. That is, states under the following electricity companies can use the app;

Mobile Apps you shouldn’t try using for Paying/Buying Electricity in Nigeria

The worse Mobile App you should never use to buy or pay for Electricity Bills are;

  • Payvice (ITex)

Everything is wrong about Payvice. At first, you’ll see all the services that they offer and you will think it all goes smoothly. As an agent Payvice shouldn’t be a choice, talk less of using electricity with it.

– They lack customer care service,
– When you buy electricity with Payvice, there is every possibility that you will be debited without a token. And getting your money back is a very big challenge.
– Their customer care and marketers steal from their agents.

  • Kudi App

Kudi is another great platform for agents to make money and can be used as personal pay bill service app too.

But for the little time we have used the app to see how their service works we had observed the following;

– you will be charged N50 whenever you deposit into your Kudi account. Even when it is less than N10,000. Maybe they refer the charge to be a Stamp duty fee”.
– Sometimes buying electricity with Kudi fails, your money will be refunded back into your account immediately though, but they don’t refund any service charges.
– Some customers had complained that their electricity token unit finishes quickly when is purchased on Kudi.
– It only accepts buying recharge token from N500 and above.

However, if you are a Post-paid customer, then you won’t be facing some of the issues mentioned. That means you’ll be good to go.

Unlike Payvice that might even take more than a month to get your refund, that is if any customer service has your time to attend to your issues.

Are there other Mobile Wallet Apps for Electricity Bill payment that you use which is not mentioned here?

Use the comment box below to join the conversation.

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