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How To Monitor Data Usage On Android Phones

When you use a limited data plan, it is very important to know how to check on data usage. Often, when you are online, you could get carried away and you forget your data is running. But, good news for android users, you can learn how to monitor data usage on android phones. This will help keep you in check as well as keeping to your plans.

If you do not intend to keep renewing your data every now and then, then, you can set up data monitoring. I’ve heard people complain of having to buy new data plans almost on weekly basis. Learning how to monitor data usage on android phones will go a long way to help you stick to what matters so you can maximize your data.

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This feature is not expressly straight forward when using iPhones. But with android, you can easily set this up. Let’s show you how below.

How To Monitor Data Usage On Android Phones

So, with this guide here, you will be able to restrict data usage on android phones easily.

  1. Open your phone settings and click on “data usage”Monitor Data Usage On Android
  2. In some phones, you may find this under the “Internet & Category” section.
  3. On the Data Usage screen, scroll down to “Mobile” section and first toggle ON the option for Limit Mobile Data Usage.Monitor Data Usage On Android
  4. On the pop-up, input the maximum amount of Data allowed by your Plan.Monitor Data Usage On Android
  5. Next, enable the option to Alert me about data usage (See image in item 2 above).
  6. On the pop-up, input the Data Limit at which you want your Android Phone to warn you. Preferably, this number should be lesser than your maximum allowed Data Limit. Monitor Data Usage On Android
  7. Next, tap on Billing CycleMonitor Data Usage On Android
  8. On the pop-up, change the Date to match the start date of your Monthly Data Usage Plan. You can find the Start Date on your Monthly Phone bill or you can login to your Account and find this data in “My Account” section. Monitor Data Usage On Android

Please note that the places where you can find these on your android device my differ. But, the names are usually similar. So, you could easily adapt yours and follow he steps listed here.

However, if you have any issues concerning how to do this, use the comment box below and we will be glad to be of help.


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