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Most Profitable Online Business Ideas With Low Investment 2019

2019 is already here with us. As usual, every one wants what will make money for him or her. As we already know, more and more people are getting to understand that online business is the next big thing. If you miss out on the online business trend, you will miss out a lot. We want to show you some of the most profitable online business ideas with low investment you can start in 2019. Trust me, you are going to be better with it, if you are willing.

Hang in there. I need to point out that Online business doesn’t mean a “get rich quick” kind of thing. A lot of people think online businesses are get rich quick. So often, they start and see the hard work needed and they quit. So, if you are looking for a quick means to  money, then, this isn’t what you need.

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Yea, these Profitable Online Business Ideas we will show you here has the capacity to make you rich and wealthy. But, it depends on your determination and commitment. If you are willing, determined and raring to go, let’s show you through the online world.

Profitable Online Business Ideas For 2019 & Beyond

So, here, we will just point out few of the most lucrative online business ideas you can think of. Let me remind you again, this is not a quick-money venture. As usual, it will require some minimum investment from you before you hit it big. But one thing is certain, IT PAYS!!!

So, let’s crack some high earning online business ideas.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting, simply put, is the act of writing articles or words towards increasing the sales of a product. That is to say, If Mr A releases a new product called XYZ, the copywriter can be employed to write an article that can be used to market product XYZ. This very skill is in high demand today because more people are selling online.

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The good news is that few persons are into this field. If you venture into it and position yourself well, you can start making it in few months. Furthermore, you will get loads of customers ranging from affiliate marketers, info product marketers, digital marketers, companies etc.

2. Mini Importation

Before now, when you hear of “IMPORTERS”, you always know they are people with huge amount of money. And, you aren’t wrong. But, things have changed. You can start importation even from your home. These days, people can import from CHINA without leaving their bedrooms. As a mini importer, you can important products very cheaply and even sale more than double of your cost price.

To venture into this, you need to get someone who is really into Mini importation to guide you on the basics so you won’t be scammed.

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3. Social Media Management

Can i whisper something to you? Social media management is very profitable. take my word for it. Why? There are companies, businesses, celebrities and high profile individuals who need people to manage their social media accounts. And you know what? They are willing to pay huge amount of money to anyone who can handle this for them.

Social media management is very easy, and a very learnable skill. You don’t need to post contents every single day. There are social media management tools like Hootesuite and Buffer that can allow you to schedule about 1,000 posts at the same time and see hem being posted for you.

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4. Android App Development

Are you still looking for profitable online business ideas? Don’t overlook the app development. More businesses and individuals need app developers. Check. Which major business you know doesn’t have a mobile app? Everyone of them has. If you learn this skill and position yourself in the market properly, your income is guaranteed.

5. Web Design

Just like the app development, web designers are needed in their numbers. These days, you can learn how to develop websites without being a graduate of computer science. You can also develop websites without coding. There are many ways you can create a website. And, no one cares. What they are interested in is having their websites designed for them.

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How Can I Start?

Now you have seen these unique online business ideas, you are thinking how to learn them and start? Well, there are many places you can learn how to do everything listed here. However, if you prefer online learning, we have treated top eLearning platforms you can learn from. with little between 4,000-30,000 you can learn these skills professionally with certifications.


What we can guarantee is that these profitable online business ideas can help you. However, everything depends on how you are willing to learn the necessary skills and commit to them in the long run.

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