MTN CarFi Stick

MTN Lunches Car Modem called “CarFi Stick”

MTN CarFi StickThe MTN CarFi Stick is a wireless gadget designed to provide internet access for motor vehicles, was launched at the 2015 Abuja Motor Fair sponsored by MTN.

The MTN CarFi Stick is the first of its kind to be introduced in Nigeria.

The representative further explained that; ” It is a fast, reliable and easy to operate high-speed network access terminal that can be inserted into a car cigarette lighter socket, and then allows up to ten (10) portable devices to connect to a Wi-fi network while in a moving vehicle. With the device, users can surf the internet easily. MTN Nigeria is the first telecom operator to launch the device, and we will leverage it to drive innovation in the data space. MTN CarFi Stick is a unique device developed in line with our vision of leading the delivery of a bold, new digital world”

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