MTN Sell n Share Registration Code and Methods


MTN Sell n Share Registration Code – I have published articles on the topic “MTN sell and Share” before now. But this time am going to make it more simpler for easy understanding.

So on this post you will be reading on the following topics on MTN sell n share:

  1. Meaning of MTN sell and Share

  2. How to change your MTN share and sell PIN

  3. How to transfer credit

MTN Sell n Share Registration Code and Methods

1.    Meaning of MTsell N ad Share

Share and Sell. Share ‘n Sell is an MTN service you can use to send credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ account.

2.   How to change your MTN share and sell PIN

To register for MTN share and sell or activate it, you just need to change your default PIN at least for a start.

The default PIN is 0000 and you can change it by sending 0000 1234 1234 to 777 in a text message. This will change your share and sell PIN to 1234.

Now, you will be activated for MTN share and sell and you can start using the service.

You can transfer credit from your MTN sim to another by simply sending the required text message in the proper format to 777.


3.    How to transfer credit
If for instance, you want to send a credit of N100 to an MTN number like 08034939460, then you can do this by first composing a message in the ff format:

Transfer NUMBER 100 1234

Once you send that message, you will receive a confirmatory request and you should just send YES back to 777. The transfer will then be done.

Your airtime balance will then be deducted while the beneficiary’s account will be credited with the value of the credit that you have sent.

The fastest method of sending transferring credit is dial: *600*mobile number*Amount*pin#

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