MTN SIM Card Registration

New MTN SIM Card Registration Updates

MTN SIM Card Registration

Since last month and now  now MTN Nigeria telecommunication has been sending a round message to all her users informing them  about the new MTN SIM Card Registration Update. I am using this opportunity to inform you all to go and register your MTN SIM card now before its blocked.

Here is the message sent to users concerning the news MTN SIM Card Registration Update.

Message from MTN for SIM Verification:

Dear Customer,

Please visit an MTN shop immediately with a valid Photo ID to verify your SIM registration.

Thanks for choosing MTN.

Requirements for MTN SIM registration / MTN SIM Card Verification

  • You Need any of this Valid ID card
  1. Driver’s license
  2. National ID card
  3. Original Voter’s Card

Go now to carry out your SIM registration before losing it!

Good Luck.


22 responses to “New MTN SIM Card Registration Updates”

  1. SAM O.

    what happened to our earlier registration? if MTN has any network issues or any loss of data, they should sort themselves out and stop suffering their customers. The only MTN office around my area has been stuffy with thousands of mtn subscribers struggling 24/7 to do the verification. MTN should embark on house-to-house verification strategy, including visiting offices/markets or business centres that was used earlier to ensure maximum result or get ready to block many of their customers including me.

    1. onlinedailys

      Well I can’t tell about that also. That was the 1st question I asked my self when I saw the message. They said its an update of profile

  2. Sam. O.

    Let MTN create flexible format in an online portal,so customers can upload their profile for the upgrade from the comfort of their homes/offices. I think this will reduce their troubles and the stress this exercise imposes on their customers. Thanks.

  3. Deborah

    Sam o. Is very right, why will i stand on the queue because of MTN sim registration update, is it not modern day slavery? I’ve gotten a message that i will be disconnected today, but i don’t care, i will never be subjected to queuing up because i’m patronising MTN.

    1. onlinedailys

      Well he is very correct. But we also need to do something b4 losing our line. Mostly for the business men and women

  4. Lawrence

    I think this people are not serious, how many time are we going to register our sim card, maybe we should go for other network, mtn have rich

    1. onlinedailys


  5. Lawrence

    MTN you are disturbing your customers, so stop wahala us,

  6. Victor Orok

    MTN have already barred my line even without sending warning text info. But i do not care cos i have other network which am using to browse even now. Their service is so poor and above all they are not realiable. Recently, i purchase 100mb data project fame weekly yet i couldn’t browse with it until it expires. Now tell me, can a reasonable person continue using MTN line?

    1. onlinedailys

      Well am so sorry about that. I was about posting it also that MTN has started banding SIM that has not done the new SIM registration.

      We have got an update that in some area where they are doing the registration, people will come and stand for the whole day and yet will not be registered while some people will come with their cars and enter immediately, register and go, and ever bring people to do the same. The MTN workers are now collecting bribe just to register people fast. While the poor once remain under the sun. I my area its happening and I will be posting the video very soon, for others to see what am talking about

  7. Cyn

    I can’t even afford to leave my newborn at home just 4 mtn sim update. its very unfair mtn should be d one serving their customers not d other way round. There are hundred and one networks u can just buy and register once and rest instead of all this inconvenience. I am ready to loose my mtn line after all I have other registered networks. enough of this modern dayz slavery . It’s either they create a way of updating it online at ur own convenience or 4get it. Change is always constant.

    1. onlinedailys

      Its really stressful.

  8. muhindo brean

    am from kasese.Ihave been registering simcards for our family members online(on internet),13 got confirmation messages and were fully registered,but since 24/12/2015 ihave been registering, among the 18 people none has received aconfirmation message! please alert me if there is any problem.

  9. Kawu Buba

    Please is good to add more centres for re-registration. In gombe state we only have one centre.

  10. Kawu Buba

    Please add more centres for re-registration

  11. Peter

    I have been trying to update or comfirm my sim registration for 3months now but the mtn office is always crowdy. I have spent up to 3k for transportation without success. What should I do now? Thanks.

  12. Rev. Barnabas

    I wish to thank MTN for their fruitful service to the public. Nevertheless, I plead with them to create online format for sim registration update so as to make it easier for their innumerable customers to do the update. I feel this may be able to save time and stress. Thanks for your good work.

  13. Okusara Didia

    Mtn operators are criminals. I bought 1gb project fame to browse but it wasn’t working till finally expired. so what a were saying? to hell with their network. they should keep blocking to loose their customers. As far as I’m concern no more going back.
    There are other networks, I have twice registered this line.

  14. Ameenu

    What is the meaning of alternate number

  15. Mary Emaikwu

    what is “Mtn identification card?”

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