Muna Obiekwe

Muna Obiekwe passed away on Sunday (18/1/2015)

Muna Obiekwe
Muna Obiekwe

Popular Nigeria Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe passed away on Sunday due to kidney complications.

Speaking to Newsmen in separate interviews, the entertainers lamented the death of their colleague and decried the actions of one Twitter impersonator who used his name to cause confusion.

The news of the actor’s death hit the Social Media on Sunday evening, with various reports claiming that he died of kidney failure at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos same day.

Reports had it that Obiekwe, who was based in Enugu, had been suffering from the ailment for some time but kept it a secret from friends and colleagues.

It was said that the actor had become broke as a result of the cost of managing the ailment, but rejected seeking public assistance because he didn’t want to disgrace himself.

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