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Muslim Student arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

Ahmed Mohamed (Muslim Student)

Ahmed Mohamed is a 14-years-old boy,  a Muslim Student arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to his school.  Ahmed Mohamed was trying doing some thing good just to impress his teachers when he brought a homemade clock to MacArthur High on Monday, but after every thing, to the supprise of the young boy the management called police reporting about Ahmed’s circuit-stuffed pencil case.

So the 14-year-old missed the student council meeting and took a trip in handcuffs to juvenile detention. His clock now sits in an evidence room. Police say they may yet charge him with making a hoax bomb — though they acknowledge he told everyone who would listen that it’s a clock.

In the meantime, Ahmed’s been suspended, his father is upset and the Council on American-Islamic Relations is once again eyeing claims of Islamophobia in Irving.

Muslim Student arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

Why Ahmed Mohamed Love Invention

Reported by Dallas News “He just wants to invent good things for mankind,” said Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who immigrated from Sudan and occasionally returns there to run for president. “But because his name is Mohamed and because of Sept. 11, I think my son got mistreated.”

Mohamed is familiar with anti-Islamic politics. He once made national headlines for debating a Florida pastor who burned a Quran.

But he wasn’t paying much attention this summer when Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne became a national celebrity in anti-Islamic circles, fueling rumors in speeches that the religious minority was plotting to usurp American laws.

Muslim Student arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

Summary of News:

Ahmed is sitting home in his bedroom, tinkering with old gears and electrical converters, pronouncing words like “ethnicity” for what sounds like the first time.

And He has vowed never to take an invention to school again.


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