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The mVisa Mobile is a cost-free, secured and easy to use way of payment with your mobile phone at any point in time or any place. Using the is free and simple as Payments come straight from your bank account, secured by your bank and Visa company too. Another attribute about mVisa mobile is that you do not have to pay any charges wile transacting with your mVisa App on mobile – every payment you make or receives becomes free. This is the fact!

On this page we have listed below on how to use mVisa for Mobile, like; how to download the mVisa for Mobile, mVisa Online Mobile Registration and processes of downloading the official mVisa App.

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More Details About mVisa

Visa launches its mobile payment platform called “mVisa”. The mVisa platform is designed for both smartphone and feature phone users, an attempt by Visa to promote financial inclusivity. To make a purchase, smartphone users will scan a QR code available at the point of sales and then input the amount to be deducted. After sanctioning the sale, the merchant will be immediately notified of the completed transaction. Feature phone users will be able to do this using USSD codes.

The mVisa is a free application secured and free allowing users to freely make payment on purchasing item using the QR code with  mobile phone or entering the mVisa Merchant ID on users bank’s USSD menu.  There are just 7-fastest-steps to use nVisa Mobile app (which we have listed below) to enable users go freely with a cashless wallets


 How To Register nVisa Mobile Account (mVisa Online Mobile Registration)

There is no special way of carrying out the mVisa online mobile registration, order than downloading your bank’s mobile banking app (or update your existing mobile banking app if they are outdated) from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then afterward, follow other information that follows to setup or login your account with your bank’s app. Once you are done you are now good to start using the mVisa process of payment.


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How To Use mVisa for Mobile for Payment

  1. At first make sure to have downloaded your Bank mobile App through the app store (Google play store or Microsoft app store, respectively). Or Update your bank’s mobile banking app if you have the  your bank app already.
  2. Select mVisa.
  3. Scan the merchant QR.
  4. Enter amount if required. Or, in some cases the amount you owe may automatically appear.
  5. Now you have to confirm payment.
  6. Receive payment confirmation
  7. For non-smartphones, simply access your bank’s USSD platform, follow your bank’s prompt to enter merchant ID, amount and pay!


Now so many Banks and merchants have already adopted mVisa usage around the world. SO start today to use the mVisa payment solution in your Bank’s app.


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