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MyDStv Login Account – Download new DStv App on Android and iOS Devices

The new DStv app allows you to take full control of your VIEWING experience from your trusted premium ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. There are lots you can do from the app, therefore no need calling customer service for anything.

The MyDStv App is an easy and convenient way to MANAGE your DStv account. You can FIX ERRORS, PAY online, CHANGE PACKAGES, UPDATE your details all from one place.

On this page, you will not only get the download link but also see how to login to your DStv account from the app, retrieve your smart number, enable your channels after subscribing to any DStv package.

Download MyDStv Latest Mobile App

Click on the button that best suit your Phone OS version. The download is fast, free and official from DStv.

How to Login in MyDStv App

Beliving that you have downloaded the official MyDStv app on your phone. Now you want to login. The steps below guides you completely;

  1. Tap the app to launch it
  2. Select your country from the scroll bar
  3. You can either type in your “Name” or “Phone number” you used for your DVtv account registration.
  4. Then enter your “Smartcard number”.
  5. Then click on the “Login”

Now you should see your account.

How to Retrieve Your DStv Smartcard number Fast

Still discusing on doing things on your MyDStv mobie app. Another thing you can do from the login page of DStv app is to retrieve you martcard number. And its simple

  1. Tap the “Forgot Smartcard number?” button – below the login form.
  2. Then select your country
  3. Then enter your phone number
  4. Then click on the “Find” button
  5. You should get a notification on your screen, that you have received your smartcard, then you should check notification. Click on the “OK, GOT IT”
  6. You should see your notification containing your smartcard number or numbers.

Bonus Tip

How to Reactivate All DStv Channels After Subscribing

In some cases after subscribing for for a DStv package, you may notic the that the channel isn’t showing, right?

Well is not a problem, besides, it usually happens when you allow your previous subscription to expire, then channel 100 – is what displays. The Good news is – you can do this by yourself using the tips below.

Step 1: Make sure that your payment (subscription was actually successful and your DStv is on.

Step 2: From your DStv remote control, press the “OPT” button. the OPT also means option.

Step 3: use the direction button to move down to the channel option – my default you may see “My DStv channel”, now use the side-direction button to select the “All Chnnels”.

Step 4: Then press the “OK” button to confirm and complete your selection.

Now go back to your DStv channel list, you should see all the channels you subcribed for.

That’s all. Time to enjoy!


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