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MyPaga Account Sign Up

Paga Payment Solution is a Paying and getting paid services in Nigeria which  makes your life easier and business run smoother. You can send money to your friends, family and business associates, buy airtime and pay your utility bills using your phone.

To start sing this service on your mobile phone you need to have a Paga Fund account (MyPaga Account Sign Up).

How to Download Paga App on Android Phone

Paga has release an Android app for quick access to sending money into any account or sending to any one at any time or any were. To download this App all you have to do is click on your Google App Store -> On the search at the top -> search for Paga -> then you will see the app.

Downloading MyPaga App is totally for free. Click here for quick access to download too.


How To Logon To MyPaga Account

After you most have downloaded the app, on lunching the app you will be ask to log in or sign up. So therefore, that is the right time to sign up or log in to your Paga Account.

How to Deposit Cash Using Paga App on Android Phone:

I will be suing an image to illustrate this process for easy understanding. But every thing and you still did not understand it, simplly use the comment box below to tell us where you get confused.

Let get started… after you have downloaded the Paga App on your Android and you want to deposit money into some account all you have to do is follow this stet below;

  1. lunch the Paga App
  2. Click on depositHow to Deposit Cash Using Paga App
  3. Now a new page will open where you will input the necessary information like; the amount, name of the recevicer and his account information, including the bank you want Paga to deposit the money for you. Just like this:How to Deposit Cash Using Paga App 2
  4. Once you are done filling all that correctly, you click the “go” button.


If you have anything bothering you concerning MyPaga Account Sign Up, Downloading App, Depositing, Funding your Paga account receiving fund, or any kind of this – use the comment box below to indicate and you will get response instantly.


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  1. how does paga connect to my mean account since it dont require a fresh account opening?

  2. How do I receive or confirm the money sent to me through my to my bank account?

    • Yes, They do offer POS machine and teach you how to use it.
      You can apply for it if you want.

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