N-Power Online Job Application Portal

N-Power Online Job Application Portal @ NPower.gov.ng | Graduates & Non-graduates

This is to inform the general public about the new opportunity which the Fedral Government of Nigeria has introduced on Sunday, June 12, 2016 for all Graduates & Non-graduates, for Job Creation. The N-Power Online Job Application Portal / website with  was lunched on the date above is currently receiving large numbers of applicants.

N-Power is designed to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become solution providers in their communities and to become players in the domestic and global markets. 

Please note that this is not a replicate of YouWin

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How to Apply Job on N-Power Online Job Application Portal – NPower.gov.ng

In case you will be asking whether this N-Power Online Job Application is only made available for teachers (educations), well to answer this, according to the FG during his speech he made mention that this N-Power Online job opportunities will provide employment opportunities for 500,000 graduates, and it’s open to all categories of disciplines like;

  • Engineering job,
  • Teaching job,
  • software developers,
  • hardware service professionals,
  • animators,
  • graphic artists,
  • building services professionals,
  • artisans
  • agriculture extension advisers,
  • healthcare assistants,
  • civic and adult education instructors in communities across Nigeria
  • and others not mentioned here. The list of job opportunities is not exhaustive.

All you are expected doing is visit the N-Power Online Job Application Portal on  www.npower.gov.ng, to start your application and choose which are you know best for employment.

Here are simple steps to apply for any job of your ability;

The N-Power programme application has officially started receiving online application from applicants across the country, here is how the application process will run.

  1. First visit www.npower.gov.ng and register by creating a username and password and then sign in.
  2. Click through the various programmes and choose the one that suites you and then click on apply at the bottom of the page
  3. Fill the form carefully and be certain to provide accurate information and documents to support your application.
  4. After submitting you will receive an acknowledgement email letter confirming the receipt of the application.
  5. After 48hours you will be notified by email and the registration portal whether you are eligible for the N-Power program, if you are unsuccessful you may apply again in subsequent programs.
  6. If you are successful you can proceed to the test page at the MY N-POWER PORTAL, you will be required to write two tests; a general skills test and program specific test.
  7. Depending on your program there may be a final interview before acceptance into the N-Power program, otherwise you will receive an email confirming your provisional acceptance into the N-Power program.
  8. You will have to confirm your acceptance to secure your place.
  9. Specific information and program details will now be sent to your email.
  10. If at any point you encounter a challenge in filling your form you can send an email to infor@npower.gov.ng

N-Power Online Job Application Portal @ N-Power.gov.ng | Graduates & Non-graduates

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Youtube Video on How to Apply N-Power Job Online Application

We have also provided video to guide you step by step how to apply for this npower job opportunity online. Watch and understand every step below

The Jobs Scheme, known as ‘N-Power’, is one of the five initiatives of the Social Investment Programmes of the Federal Government of Nigeria, described by President Mohammdu Buhari in his Democracy Day Speech as “by far the most ambitious social protection programme in our history.” A total sum of N500B has been provided for the programme in the 2016 Budget, an unprecedented development in Nigeria’s budget history.

It will provide employment opportunities for 500,000 graduates as teachers, agriculture extension advisers, healthcare assistants, and civic and adult education instructors in communities across Nigeria. 

Please note that applications for the Scheme commenced on Sunday June 12 on the portal: www.npower.gov.ng. so Unemployed Nigerians both graduate and non-graduates would be drawn from across the country on state by state basis in the final analysis.

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Good Luck.


67 responses to “N-Power Online Job Application Portal @ NPower.gov.ng | Graduates & Non-graduates”

  1. amaziye b anaba

    good day,pls cant see the courses or option. thanks


    with due respect sir I by name Aliyu shuaibu iam here to apply for the government job.My qualification is national certificate of education (n c e) THANKS.

    1. onlinedailys

      Please carry on with your online application. Any one can apply, The Federal Government started clearly that this opportunity is opened for all Unemployed Nigerians both graduate and non-graduates


    with due respect sir iam by name Aliyu Shuaibu iam to apply for the govetnment my qualification is n c e

    1. onlinedailys

      Carry on. You are free to also apply. After all this application is open for all Unemployed Nigerians both graduate and non-graduates. So go ahead and start your application now.

  4. zakibebs

    pls i can’t acess the registration portal for almost 2 days.

    1. onlinedailys

      The site is have much traffic, that is the reason. But you still have to keep on trying

  5. Umar Godwin

    hello sir,I can access the portal for past two today’s.

    1. onlinedailys

      Keep on trying, so sorry for that. But you should also understand that so may people are applying as you are also applying now. You Just have to keep on trying till you succeed

  6. Azeez

    for the past four days now av not been able to access the site I don’t understand why federal job should be made difficult for Us to apply is so sad.the site is not responding.

    1. onlinedailys

      because so many application is also going on at the same time. You just have to keep on trying till get what ever you want from it

  7. hafskhal

    with highly respect i am in the lower class of education ( NCE cycle one ) did I have that opportunity to apply

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes You do. I mean you can also apply for the Online Job by N-Power. This Online Job opportunity in Nigeria is open to all Unemployed Nigerians both graduate and non-graduates.

      Good Luck.

  8. mustapha

    Good day sir, please can you suggest the best time for easy access to the site. Thank you


    Sir please can one apply without WAEC or NECO, please i really a fedback by 08137753378 any with vital information should please. thanks

    1. onlinedailys

      You can apply even without it any of it. BUt do not select a high Job profession which you know you do not have the qualification, if you do that you will be disqualify.

  10. babajide

    please have been trying this site for two days now and i’m unable to register to the innovators site,whats wrong

    1. onlinedailys

      Its because of much traffic (many people applying at the same time). You just have to keep on trying

  11. El-SINO

    Please why is the NYSC call-up number on the display page not deleting? because we are ask to fill in the call-up number on our certificate and the one on the page is refusing to erase…

  12. Hanny

    please how will i go on to apply for npower job.good day to you all

  13. Daniel James mountai

    hello sir I have received an email acknowledgment but am yet to receive a confirmatory letter to know whether iam qualify or not why?

    1. onlinedailys

      Still hold Your reply will come to you. As long as you successfully did the nPower Job application online. So just hold will will still be attended to.

  14. oyelowo Mary

    please sir, i filled the registration form and was notified that i have been registered but since then i have not received any other message or email, its been over 4 days now.

    1. onlinedailys

      As long as you successfully registered, keep on checking your email, a notification whether you have been selected for the job or not will be sent to your via email address/account used during the registration. So keep on checking your email.

  15. Oguro Imomotimi

    I successfully registered 4 d past two weeks but d acknowledgement form is no yet sent to my email, why

    1. onlinedailys

      Cool down, your email will still come, to tell you whether you where successful or not, and telling you the next step to follow

  16. Salako Iretioluwa Modupe

    Gud evening sir,
    I did the online test bt ve nt gotten any feedback, really worried..
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. onlinedailys

      If you application was successful – you will get feedback in a while

  17. Salako Iretioluwa Modupe

    Sorry for bothering you sir,I forgot d email which I use to register, bt my username is intact,yet I was unable to login. Pls sir,I nid ur assistance.

  18. Awoyinka Ayoade

    Good development

  19. Ngozika Augustina

    gud morning sir, pls i ve been trying to see the online registration form to no avail, what is wrong? or has d second phase not started yet? thanks for your time.

  20. Ogunbameru Oluwanbe

    Pls my salary is not through due to spelling error in my name and am asked to edit it but the site is locked and cannot be edited what should I do?

    1. onlinedailys

      I will message you on the procedures to take and solve the issue.

  21. Ogunbameru Oluwanbe

    Pls i am a 1st batch beneficiary but have not receive payment due to an error in my name on the bank details and am asked from their state office to edit and correct it but the site is locked for editing. What should I do? The correct name is Ogunbameru Oluwanbe


    MY name is GIWA IDRIS

  23. Daha A Musa

    Sir. i,am the one of N-power employer i did receive the alert. (My account Number:3059312322) Pls. Sir. assist me emedeintly pls.

  24. usamatu kabiru talata mafara

    sir. i,am the one of your employer i did receive the alert. pls. help me Sir

  25. Garba Muhammad Birniwa

    Please inform me when the form is out 09033052844

  26. Nnebedum Nkechi

    is npower still recruiting? how can I apply now? is it late?

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes, they are still recruiting and that is the reason we have released article that will guide you with your online application for nPower Nigeria Jobs. Check around to see which one interest you.

  27. adeola

    Hy, please how do I apply?

    1. onlinedailys

      Follow the instruction on the page to apply. Good luck.

  28. Egbo loveth

    Pls sir, is N power still recruiting? I want to apply, but I was told they not opened for the next phase.

  29. Mujahid Wada Musa

    With respect Sir
    My Name is Mujahid Wada Musa i send my complent to your web due to up to now never see any change from Npower since i have sow my name in the first barch but up now like i said no replay anything i entered my number and username i have Nigeria Certificate In Education(N.C.E) thanks you

  30. Anna Njoku

    How do I open the registration form. The page refuse to open as I click.

    1. onlinedailys

      You just have to keep trying it, sometimes its as a result of bad network or high traffic on the page.


    Sir I have apply for secondary school teacher with BSC&NCE in FG but have not received any answer do want me to sit idle or an unemployed graduate?

  32. john mathew

    good day sir, i am a graduate of polytechnic and i finished with pass as my grade .can i apply and be Employed

    1. onlinedailys

      If you most apply as a graduate then you have to get all your certificates and other documents ready, or you wait to get them before you start applying.

  33. Jimoh Muibat F.

    I’ ve applied bebfore, I was not sent a message to write test and I was not shortlisted. Can I reapply?


    Please i have apply for npower job when will i be expecting my call for an interview

  35. Abimbola Abiodun

    The site is not open, since yesterday, pls help us ooo.

    1. onlinedailys

      That could be due to high traffic (many others are also trying to gain access into the site at the same time with you). Just keep on trying.

  36. Njoku Peace.A

    Pls sir,I have been trying to apply but all I got is ‘we will be back soon. What do I do?


    Sir,pls can we attempt to the test without receiving any massages?
    Some profiles are used to open while u didn’t receive any massages.

    1. onlinedailys

      No harm in trying. Cos somethings you may not have received SMS because of network failure or wrong number, etc…So you can try


        Pls when is the face to face verification?
        For the N-Health.


    Pls when is the face to face verification?
    For the N-Health.

  39. onlinedailys

    Sure, you will be informed.

    But please note that we do not call or send SMS. But we always update via our page and email. So stay tuned!

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