N-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone – Step By Step Guide With Images

The Nigerian Federal Government’s Social Investment Program: N-Power registration is on. Nigerians have already started the registration online. You can also do the N-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone. We will guide you through as well as showing you the required and necessary documents.

So far, in this registration, there has been no uploading of any credential. However, it is obvious with time, this will be required. Also, you must note for now, the registration is only for graduates. This category includes HND, BSC and above qualifications. Let’s proceed on N-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone.

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Before You Apply

You are about to enter the application portal for the N-Power programme. To serve you better, we (N-power) advise that you have the following ready before you go on to apply

  • Your 11 Digit Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Surname, First Name and Middle Name as registered on your BVN. Please note that your personal information must match with your information as registered for your BVN
  • Your 10 digit Bank Account Number
  • A pen and paper to record your unique reference number.

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How To Apply For N-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone

  • Log onto the website https://apply.npower.gov.ng/
  • Afterwards, click on “Proceed To Application”.
  • Choose the area you want to apply for: Teach, Agro, Tax or Health
  • In the next opened page, fill in the following information:
    • Name (please ensure the name you fill in is as used in your BVN registration. For the benefit of doubt, contact your bank.N-Power Online Registration On Mobile PhoneN-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Date of Birth
    • Country
    • State and Local Government of Origin
    • State and local Government of residence
    • BVN
    • Bank Name and Account Number (Any mistake here may affect your payments later. Please be very careful while filling it in.N-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone
    • Any disability (if any).
    • Educational qualification
    • “Have you done your NYSC?”
    • “Are you currently employed?”
    • Skills & Experience.
  • Afterwards, click on “Submit Your Application”.

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N-Power Online Registration On Mobile Phone is easy and stress free. Ensure you have good network connectivity for faster access. Your comments and questions are welcomed.


  1. Please what is the portal for npower registration online?

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