NBC arrest Radio Biafra operators, block the station

NBC arrest Radio Biafra operators – NBC’s Director General, Emeka Mba, on Friday has announced their success to arrest operators of Radio Biafra and blocking the station from Nigeria’s airwaves and seized its transmission equipment in many part of Nigeria’s South-East zone.

Mr. Mba said his commission has effectively neutralised the illegal broadcast from the pirate radio station he said had shattered the peace of South-East Nigeria with unsavoury messages.

“Working with security operatives, the commission has also tracked down, neutralized and confiscated transmitter equipment from several locations in the region,” he said.

“Some suspects involved in the illicit broadcasts have also been arrested and taken to Abuja for questioning and prosecution.

Last week when NBC’s Director General announced that they have blocked and neutralised the  operation of the Radio Biafra, the station also denounced the claim by government, tweeting that its terrestrial transmission remained alive as well as its online radio.

“Radio Biafra is live in Biafra land: NBC woe to you and your lies: NBC lied to their master and gullib…,” the radio tweeted.

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