NDDIS 2013 – Register for the NDDIS 2013 Summit Here(www.nddis.com)


The Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS) is promoted by J Williamz Ltd, supported by the Nigerian High Commission in London, and a growing list of other stakeholders in the UK and Nigeria.

This event is designed to be the catalyst that leads to the development of a more constructive and hands-on engagement with the Diaspora, to help Nigeria achieve its MSME targets.

The NDDIS project is collaborating with major Diaspora bodies, institutions, corporations and individuals, to tap into the investment potential of the Diaspora and help Nigeria address its economic and security downturn.

NDDIS Initiatives that help deliver Deals

NDDIS gets off to a flying start with a number of initiatives, created from proven business techniques, which stimulate communication and interaction between businesses and Diasporan investors. Our aim is to encourage business to be done, deals to be made and wealth to be created.

This is to inform the general public that registration for the NDDIS 2013 Summit is on now. The NDDIS 2013 Summit will be holding on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 8:00 AM – Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 7:00 PM (BST)
London, United Kingdom

Click here to Register for the NDDIS 2013 Summit

For more information visit The Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS) official website; www.nddis.com

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2 responses to “NDDIS 2013 – Register for the NDDIS 2013 Summit Here(www.nddis.com)”

  1. Nicholas Goodhead Itam

    Please send me information regarding the forth coming Investment Summit.

  2. Evelyn Carter

    we would like to register for the forth coming meeting and have a details tickets.

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