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Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices – See All Plans & Prices

Netflix currently operates with 3 different subscription plans for now. We will give you everything you need to know on the Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices. As we already know, Netflix is the number one online movies streaming company in the world today. Netflix offers one of the cheapest online TV subscriptions anywhere in the world. So, relax as we guide you through the process.

Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices comes with different packages. All you need to do is to go through the plans, see what each offer and choose the one that suits you. In the paragraphs below, you will get to see the different Netflix subscription plans and make the right choicve based on your choice and resources.

Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices

Before we go into the paid subscriptions, you need to know that Netflix offers a one month free subscription after you complete your Netflix registration. So, you could choose to register and get the one-month free subscription. Afterwards, you can migrate to any of the plans we will treat below. So, let’s get to the Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices.

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Netflix Basic Package (US$7.99)

This subscription plan allows you one screen streaming at a time. That is to say, you can only watch or stream one video at a time. The contents of this plan are streamed in Standard Definition (SD). The cost is US$7.99. Also, this plan comes with a month free subscription and allows you to cancel your subscription at anytime you wish to.

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Netflix Standard Package (US$9.99)

The next Netflix plan is called the Netflix standard plan. The contents can be viewed in High Definition (HD). Also, it allows for two simultaneous log-ins (meaning that different content can be streamed on two different screens). As the basic Plan, this plan comes with a free one-month sub. The monthly subscription cost is US$9.99.

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Netflix Premium Package (US$11.99)

Finally, this is the costliest but best sub plan. The Netflix Premium Package allows you view the contents in Ultra HD resolutions. Furthermore, it allows for four simultaneous log-ins i.e you can stream different things on four different screens with this Netflix package. The Netflix premium plan gives you access to all the Netflix list of movies. Cost of monthly subscription is US$11.99.

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