New Google Authenticator App Download on Android and iOS Phones

No matter how secure any online account could be it is still not safe relying only on your strong password. Many passwords have been broken, account hacked and it all turned down negatively on the user.

You can see that even web-tech manufactural and mobile tech are seriously working hard by making sure privacy and security are ensured. You could check out the latest Android released version was basically toward security and privacy protection.

Also, Mobile Phone companies now build other supportive measures to help protect devices and information inside it. Which many applications now leverage to ensure more protection of data. I’m talking out the Face ID detector, fingerprint scan, voice recognition and the rest of it.

This why two facttor verification has come to stand and its highly recommend for all; to protect accounts online. And Google Authenticator App is a good authentication tool that helps to generate unlocking codes, PLUS the QR Code scan features.

Because stronger passwords alone aren’t enough to protect your account from password breaches, you now see the need to add an extra layer of security to authenticate your login through any one of the following:

Types of “Two Factor Authentication”

  • Face ID,
  • Touch ID/Fingerprint,
  • Push Notification,
  • QR Code, and
  • TOTP

However, the Google Authenticator App is won by Google and it is free of charge.

You can download the app for your supported devices using the link below.

Download Google Authenticator App

After download what next?

  • Login to that account (it could be Google account or other accounts that isn’t Google) to enable the 2-Step Verification set up.
  • Then also download and install a barcode scanner. (if you do not have one installed, Google Authenticator will ask you to install one).
  • Open the “Google Authenticator” and login with your Google account.
  • Start using it to generate authentication codes for any application (web and more) that you have set two-factor authentification method for.

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