The Next African Chef Reality Show Audition – See Form and How To Apply

The Next African Chef Reality Show Audition -There are lots of cooking competitions that one can apply for today. If you are talented and have the required skills for cooking, the Next African Chef could be what you need to advance your cooking to the next level. The Next African Chef aims at giving you the platform to take your skills and passion for culinary activities to the next stage.

The Next African Chef is a competitive cooking reality show based on Originality. The show is open to all amateur and home chefs all over African countries.

The Next African Chef is a convergence of Media Touchpoints – Tv, Radio, Online and Mobile platforms.

The reality show will be a fortuity to demonstrate Africa’s culture, cuisine and depth knowledge in the culinary world.

It is a platform through which we seek to discover the next talented African chefs (Gordon Ramsey), develop their culinary skills and enable them experience a new adventure in the world of commercial catering.

The Next African Chef Reality Show Audition

There are different objectives why the Next African Chef is run. Let’s look at them.

Next African Chef Audition

The Next African Chef Reality show is a platform to;

  1. Showcase our food, creativity, drama, entertainment, tourism etc. Promote unity across the continent, as our contestants will be drawn from a number of African countries.
  2. Promote and encourage entrepreneurship.
  3. To confront the negative perception of our continent and showcase our strengths.
  4. Also, to create an avenue for economic and cultural networking.
  5. Lastly, to support on going inter-governmental efforts at socio-economic integration. Africans all over the world have been identified as enterprising, innovative and intellectual; our zest for success has been driven by parental support and family values.

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How Next African Chef Show Runs

This is an overview of how the Next African Chef is organized.

  1. One House
  2. 30 Days
  3. 24 Hours online streaming
  4. 30 Minutes on terrestrial TV pan Nigeria and cable stations.
  5. 14 Contestants from all over Africa with different backgrounds living together, undergoing rigorous training every week and carrying out tasks.
  6. Panel of local and international chefs to judge.
  7. 1st The ultimate prize will be a chance for the winner to experience and work with Victoria Cullen at her restaurant in the United Kingdom.
  8. 2nd runner up will get N1millon and kitchen utensils worth N500.000.
  9. 3rd Will get N500.000 and kitchen utensils worth N300.000.
  10. Contestants on the show will have 4 hours of daily cooking experience and tasks to complete.

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Next African Chef Audition

The Next African chefs will be selected through nationwide video auditions, selecting a total of 30 competitors before the televised competition.

In the preliminary rounds, each of them have an opportunity to prepare a signature African dish related to their culture for the trio of judges.

They will be given a limited amount of time to prep their dish, and then given 5 minutes before the judges to complete the cooking and assembly of the dish, during which the judges ask about their background.

The 3 judges taste the dish, and vote “yes” or “no” to keeping the chef in the competition; 2 “yes” votes are required for the chef to move on and receive a Next Chef Kit.

At least one round will be used to trim the number of remaining chefs to about sixteen to eighteen.

One type of challenge has the chefs performing a routine task like dicing onions, during which the judges will observe their technique.

Judges can advance a chef to the next round or eliminate them at any time during the challenge by taking their apron.

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The second type of challenge is to have the chefs invent a new dish around a staple
ingredient or theme, with the judges advancing or eliminating players based on the taste of their dishes. Auditions were dropped, and competitors were challenged directly in the Next African chef kitchen to get a uniform.

How To Register

To apply for the Next African Chef, you will visit the show official site and register. here is the website:

Fill the form and submit. If successful, you will be contacted for the audition when it commences.

If you have any challenge, kindly use the comment box below.


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