Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls for Android – Free Download

Are you like most people? I mean, do you find yourself doing calls and sending texts or many occasions? If I were to show you an app you can use to do calls and send texts for free, would you jump at the offer? Well, here is the Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls for Android – Free Download. With Nextplus, you can now do calls for free, ABSOLUTELY!

Nextplus provides complete phone service packed into an app that’s free to download and fun to use! Calling anyone is now FREE just like text! Sure you can pay for a phone plan but why not use Nextplus – the phone company that makes calling and texting FREE?.

Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls for Android

Wanted to show you how to download Nextplus free sms text + calls for android, but, how about telling you how it works?

Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls WORKS

Unlike other app-2-app messengers we let you call and text ANY phone number. Your friend’s phone company charges us small fees to deliver texts and calls on their networks. Rather than force you to pay, we let you view a few banner ads or watch a quick video. If you choose, you can pay a buck or two and make those ads disappear. The choice is yours. And remember if your friend joins Nextplus we remove video ads entirely.

Think of Nextplus as the FREE ad-supported phone company that works just like popular free video and music services!

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Nextplus Review

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When you download and install the nextplus app, here is what you get.

  1. Receive a free phone number
  2. Free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to any phone number
  3. Send and receive unlimited free text messages with anyone
  4. NO contracts, NO commitments, NO phone purchase, and NO hidden fees
  5. Compatible with all of your Android devices (phones and tablets)
  6. No cellular service required
  7. Fun and social features

Nextplus Features

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In addition to the above, here are the features of Nextplus. They include

  1. Text messages are delivered instantly via push notifications
  2. Send emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, and voice notes
  3. Works across multiple devices and we keep your conversations in sync
  4. Personalize your avatar with any photo or animated GIF
  5. Group blast messaging support
  6. See which of your friends are online 24/7 etc.

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Nextplus Ads & Ads Removal

Nextplus offers low cost subscription plans that remove advertising. If you choose to subscribe to a plan, you will be charged a price according to the plan selected in your country. The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Subscription renewal is based on the plan selected. See Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.

Ads By Facebook

Facebook wants to show ads that are relevant to you. We may consider ads for you based on information you share on Facebook and your use of other websites and apps. To learn more about this type of advertising and your choices about it, visit Location data may be used for providing you more relevant ads.

Now, can you say “Thanks For sharing”? Enjoy!

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