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NGO Registration In Nigeria: Processes And Requirements

You may have always wanted to own and run an NGO in Nigeria and most likely do not know how to do so. In this NGO Registration In Nigeria: Processes And Requirements, the onlinedailys team brings to you the easy ways of opening an running your NGO. We will break it down in simple steps for your easy understanding.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are organisations that are not controlled by the government. It is also not meant for profit making. The major aims of NGOs are simply humanitarian.  NGOs perform very important functions in the society. Some of them operate internationally, while others locally. So, since you decided to establish an NGO in Nigeria, it is our interest to make it a reality by writing this article NGO Registration In Nigeria: Processes And Requirements just for you.

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NGO Registration In Nigeria: Processes And RequirementsNGO Registration In Nigeria: Processes And Requirements

  • Decide the name and functions of the NGO
  • Visit any nearby Corporate Affairs Commission for name Availability Check. This is done by you being given a form to fill in the proposed name of the NGO. This is to ensure the name is not already in use by another business/firm.
  • You will be charged a service fee of #500 (it varies, though). The verification will take 2 weeks.
  • After the two weeks verification, if the proposed name is taken, you will undergo another verification paying another service fee.
  • Once the business name is approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission, you can proceed to the next phase which is the procurement of an application form containing the memorandum of guidance.
  • You must do a publication of notice of the incorporation on at least three national dailies, one of which must be a local paper which is usually circulated in the area where the NGO will be located.
  • Next is the submission of the completed application (in three copies) to the Corporate Affairs Commission.

To submit the completed form, you need to go along with some requirements. The requirements include

  1. Application letter (formal)
  2. 2 copies of applicant’s (the NGO’s constitution)
  3. 2 copies of application form duly signed by the chairman and secretary of the board
  4. Original newspaper publications
  5. 2 passport photographs of applicants
  6. Bank draft of N20, 000 in favour of CAC, payable in Abuja
  7. Finally, you need a detailed minute of the meeting where the board of trustees were appointed with a list of attendance as well as absentees, along with votes and duly signed by the chairman and secretary of the board.

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The above processes and requirements is a summary of the NGO Registration In Nigeria: Processes And Requirements. It is expected that you already know the need of having a base of operation. Consequently, you must and should have also considered the sources of financing for your NGO. Share your challenges with us and we will be glad to help you through. Thank you.


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