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Nigeria Reliable & Cheap Domain Registration Hosting Companies

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. I want to believe that the major reasons why you want to go with a Nigeria hosting companies are because you need a cheap domain registration hosting service, you want a “.ng” and “.com.ng” custom websites (which the foreign can’t offer).

Before you start going through the companies listed below I also want you to understand that you shouldn’t limit to price and custom domains. There are other important factors you MUST consider before going with any hosting company here in Nigeria.


Things You Must Consider Before Choosing Cheap Domain Registration Hosting Companies

Do They Have Good Customer Care Relationship?

Believe me, you and your business can be highly frustrated when any company doesn’t come to your rescue or good assist at the point you need it.

Do They Offer Free SSL?

Anyone who is looking for hosting a new site by now should know the importance of an SSL certificate, whether a web store or blog or an official website. In fact, in the recent year, Google has taken it a part of ranking factors (mostly for e-commerce websites).

The point is that if the hosting you’re about switching to offers, not SSL free then note that you have to send extra money (like about N16,000) getting it.

Is Their Bandwidth Unlimited?

Some of the so-called hosting companies allocate little bandwidth knowing fully well that within a short time (like a week or month) depending on your workforce and traffic website go suspended. Which will also result in paying another money to upgrade your Bandwidth to a certain level your money can carry. But remember everyone’ goal is to work with “Cheap Domain Registration Hosting Companies”.

In case you don’t understand this, Bandwidth is consumed when data is retrieved from the server and delivered to the end user (outbound traffic) as well as when the end user uploads data to the web server (inbound traffic). However, any company that can offer up to 10 GB Bandwidth and above to unlimited is good to go.

Will They Allow Unlimited Sites Hosting?

Although the issue of Unlimited Sites hosting largely depends on the type of account you opened. It’s so in some Foreign hosting companies. But it is very important to make sure they have a package that offers to host Unlimited Sites.

As time goes on no one will be limited to just having one website.

What is their Storage Like, Is It SSD?

Presently, SSD has become the best because it makes a website run 20x faster ever.

Is the Hosting Company Pronto Hacking and Malware Affection?

This is another major problem that could render your effort into dust when your site keep been affected by malware and hackers. As a hosting company, they should provide protection (which you will pay for or already in their system).

Any Hiden Charges?

This is a situation where your credit card can’t rest anymore, everytime your account is been deducted from what you never bargained or subscribed for. In this case too its better to always subscribe to yearly packages. If you are registering domain or signup for hosting account, etc, pay yearly ( 1 or 2 or 3 years), it’s the best.


Make Sure ANy Company you want to Work with Allows you Switch from smaller plan to a Bigger plan (like; Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers)

Your site can’t remain a baby site. Definitely, it has to grow up someday, and you need to upgrade to gain more benefits and better SEO ranking. This part should not be neglected because some hosting companies give limitation on how many traffic (unique visitors) that should come to your website in a day, week or month. So, make sure not to work with such account.


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List of Reliable and Cheap Web (Site) Hosting Companies in Nigeria


  • GlobalHosting247.com


Placing GlobalHosting247.com as the first on our list certainly not because they are the best. But they offer good amount of bandwidth and the highest package cost N12,500 (Extended Plus) a Year. Also, the enticing aspect of it is that you get free SSL certificate (https), free site builder, 100 GB bandwidth (pretty good) and 10 GB Disk space. You can also have a live-communication (chat) with them anytime.

  • Branestan Hosting Company

Branestan Hosting

Not that Branestan Hosting company has live-chat to stumble and ask questions anytime. But there is something crazy about their package that may result to even ignoring the fact that they don’t have a Live-chat. As part of their package, it offers TBs on Bandwidths, free SSL and many more crazy offers that could instigate your interest working with them. Although the cost is 2x GlobalHosting247 and it worth it. You can visit www.branestan.com for more information.



  • Qservers Hosting Company

Qservers page

This is another good website hosting company in Nigeria you can work with. But when going through their information (services per say) they do offer SSL for free. You can also buy some addon on your website. You can visit their official website for more information www.Qservers.net. Their price is good – with less than N10,000 (including SSL) you can get your Nigeria website running. Their major services are Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates & Website Development.


  • ClickHostNg Hosing Company

ClickHostNg Hosing

ClickHostng is another good place to start. their price is ok, then provides hosting for .com.ng, .ng and all other domain extensions like .com, .net, and .org. It offers pretty price for yearly packages and also offers special packages like building a web store with.Ng (free), which includes free SSL, developing your site for you, and many more… Visit the official website at www.Clickhostng.com. You are free to initiate live-chat on the website to get more information.


  • WhoGoHost Nigeria Hosting Company


Among the listed Nigeria web hosting company WhoGoHost has gained more popularity so far, maybe because of their sweet and simple name or their services. The fact is that their price is good and cheap enough to pay even upfront for 2 to 6 years if you want. With less than N10,000 you should have a running website on the web.  WhoGoHost is good – many are using. In fact, some institutions and companies in Nigeria use their services to run their website to the public. Visit www.whogohost.com.


  • Solid Hosting Nigeria

Solid Hosting Nigeria

This is the first hosting company that comes openly letting everyone know they offer SSD and free SSL – this is great to start knowing more about them. With N30,000 per year, you should have a sound website running. Remember that from the beginning of the article I made it clear most important factor you have to consider, and it has to be that Solid Hosting Nigeria offers some of it, with unlimited Bandwith and other important facilities to make a site go well. You can get more about that its services on www.solidhostingnigeria.com.


We shall be dropping more list of Best Nigeria Web Hosting companies as time goes on. More update coming soon…



If you want the best from Nigerian hosting companies in Nigeria then you have to budget up to N30,000 to N50,000. It’s like you want your child to be the best in the world, then you have to train that child well offer the child all he/she wants to get the best. It is also applicable when it comes to business. It is not good to compromise!

I can’t specifically point which hosting company you should go for because this is a game of competition as such they will be working hard to be the best hosting company in Nigeria. What am saying, in essence, is that, the above-listed companies are good to go, just depending what you want and what you want to spend.

Chat then up (for those with live-chat) or call them on phone and ask questions base on what you want and how you want to run your website.



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