Who should expect the Nigerian Army Zonal Screening Date?

Writing this means we understand how you all feel, waiting for Zonal Screening date to be announce. At this point in time not every one should be waiting for that. After reading this article to the end you should be able to know “Who should expect the Nigerian Army Zonal Screening Date

I mean, after checking your Nigerian Army results you all should have known were you now belong – whether you are among those expecting to follow the next Zonal screening or not.

To be real with you, in this Nigerian Army result checking it is either;

  • you failed – which means there is no need to join the zonal screening or
  • you passed your first pre-screening exam – which means that you will be among those waiting for the zonal screening date.

I have use article writing to explain, but i think you should also understand better when I use images.

Using Image to explain Who should expect the Nigerian Army Zonal Screening Date

Previously I released an article on how to check Nigerian Army result by going to www.narecruitment.org , so that we are not going to talk deeply on that.

Once you visit the official website of Nigerian Army, at the left corner of the site you will see a bold written “74RRI Results Checker” once you put in your application number on the box and then submit. Two kinds of results shows up, and this is what am going to explain now.

So I am about to answer the topic question that says; Who should expect the Nigerian Army Zonal Screening Date?

Remember I said before that when you check the result, its either you passed or failed. This are two different people.

No. 1 Person checking his/her Nigerian Army result –

No. 1 Person checking his/her Nigerian Army result

You can see the part I have circled with “Red”, telling that you were not successful. meaning failed. This kind of people SHOULD NOT be expecting to join the oncoming Nigerian Army Zonal Screening, or date.

No. 2 Person checking his/her Nigerian Army result

No 2 Person checking her Nigerian Army result

Now this person has passed the first pre-screening exam, so will join other successful candidates for the Zonal screening exam. Before I forget, they are also the group that should be expecting the Nigerian Army Zonal Screening Date which is to be announced soon.

However, I think the necessary step to take now is to check your Nigerian Army 74RRI Result. So that you don’t more disappointed when you find out that you will not be joining your mates for the Zonal screening.

I hope I have explained this well? If you still have any questions bothering you, just use the comment box below to express your self. And you will get our reply for it.

Good Luck.


  1. please sir, I need this job by all means, please I need someone that can help me to get this job by joining the Nigeria army. I have bought this form for three times now, but not successful. please I need help. thanks & God bless.

  2. I think the zonal screening exercise will take place on November 30th.

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