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The Nigerian Law School programme in Nigeria is a yearly programme where law students from different institutions in Nigeria or foreign Nigeria student comes and complete in order to be confirmed as a qualified barrister (A Lawyer) with the right to speak and argue as an advocate in higher lawcourts.  So every year exams are taken some pass and some fails, which results to checking final results or/and resit results through the official Nigerian Law School Portal.

During admission it’s either candidates are admitted as Bar I or Bar II, so that is the reason when checking final results or resit result you may see something like that. But you should be able to identify which group that concerns you.

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List of Nigerian Law School Portal

The Nigerian Law school portal is of two types and they are for different purposes. Below are “Official Nigerian Law School Portal” and what services you get or expected getting on the NLS portals.

The first NLS official portal we are listing here is:


On this page “”  Nigeria law school candidates gets information like; Starting New application into NLS, Checking of Bar II and Bar I Exams results (fresh result and resit results), Printing of Admission Letter, Nigerian Law School Externship program updates.

So major activities for candidates is done on the. Just in case you want to check your results now then you will follow the steps below and do that freely without stress.


This is portal “” focus on new updates like; if result is out, or application form, or call to bar updates, etc.


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How To Check Nigerian Law School Resit Results Online

As you all know that “Re-sits” exam is meant for candidates who failed the exam so they needed to re-take the exam and pass in order to obtain there certificates and be called to bar. So after exam its very important to checking your your results online. Its very simple and almost the same method for checking “NLS Bar Final results”.

1. To check Nigerian Law School Resit Results online visit

2. Now when ever results are been released its comes in TWO different batches (depending the batch you find your self) Bar I and Bar II. So use the “Menu” bar on the page above, then click or move your mouse to “BAR (I or II) EXAMS”

3. Taking your mouse or by clicking of BAR EXAMS – you should see more option to select which;

  • which batch you where,
  • what results you want to check (of cause you are checking for “Resit Result”)
  • and using the month and year you result should be released. See image below for better illustration;Image:  Resit Result

4. After clicking on the year/month of your resit result checking – a new portal opens here you will have to enter your exam number and your Surname (only)

NLS resit result checking postal
“NLS resit result checking postal”

5. The click “Submit” to see your result now.


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How To Check Bar Part I & II  Final Results On Nigerian Law School Site

Checking Bar Part I & II Final Results is nearly the same way for checking resit results, the only changes is that you do not have to select any of those resit result option, instead you select any of the Bar I or II results that suit your year and month your are expecting the result.

1. To check Nigerian Law School Resit Results online visit

2. Select which batches (depending the batch you find your self) either Bar I and Bar II you belong to. So use the “Menu” bar on the page above, then click or move your mouse to “BAR (I or II) EXAMS”

3. Choose any of the option for ” Bar I or Bar II Result”. A page opens for you to input your Exam number and Surname (Only)

4. Then click on “Submit” to see your result and scores


Requirements for Checking The Nigerian Law School Results Online

  • You can use your Mobile phone and Computer to check (as long they are connected to the internet).
  • Your Exam number
  • Your Surname

That is all…

Share this page to all Law School Students so that they can also learn the easy ways for checking their results after exams.

Good Luck.


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