Who is Nigerian Petroleum Minister?

President Muhammadu Buhari has finally named his petroleum minister. This time why being the Nigeria president he has also taken personal charge of the country’s crucial oil portfolio as Nigerian Petroleum Minister , his spokesman said on Tuesday.

Reports from New York, where Buhari has been attending the UN General Assembly, quoted the president as saying he would be minister of petroleum resources, with a junior minister taking charge of day-to-day affairs in the sector.

“Confirmed. He said so,” his spokesman Femi Adesina told AFP in a text message, without giving further details.

Buhari, 72, took office on May 29 after a landmark election victory against Goodluck Jonathan — the first time an opposition candidate has unseated an incumbent in the country’s history.

The former military ruler has vowed that corruption and the corrupt will have no place in his government and vetting of potential candidates has been seen as delaying his appointment of a senior ministerial team.

Buhari has made tackling the rot in the oil sector a priority, as he seeks to cut endemic graft and put the country’s crippled, crude-dependent finances on a firmer footing.

However, Appointments have to be approved by parliament, which resumed sitting on Tuesday. A committee advising Buhari on policy before he took office has recommended he streamlines the number of ministries and ministers.

Many question has now arised from Nigeria. All asking, will he be getting payment as a petroleum minister? Can he handle the office with out distration of the people?? Is it constitutional??

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