Now You Can unlock any iPhone & Android Phone to use with any network

If you’re still thinking to unlock your phone with a free service charge then sorry to say, all will definitely end up becoming a dream never to come true. And if you love a phone but due to the Carrier Lock challenge you change your mind – in any which the case may be, this page provided an affordable and reliable solution to unlock any iPhone & Android Phone to use with any network.

You are here because you want to legally and Permanently sim unlock your Phone without jailbreaking – by whitelisting your IMEI in the Phone manufactural database. Unlocking Network in the legal way. Also to retain your phone warranty.

But first, you should understand why your phone is locked, who locked it and how to unlock it. This process will enlighten you and give you more reasons to shop phone gadgets without minding if they are locked or not. WHY? Because you get the solution at the palm of your hands.

However, from now on that the easiest and best way to SIM unlock your device is to use a paid service or sim network unlock pin software that will provide you with the unlock codes you need to unlock the device. Apart from this, all other ways are scrabbed and may even end up damaging your device.

We have listed below reliable companies that unlocks your phone with ease. Most people have paid heavily to one person or companies or the other without result to show for it. But you are here on this page today getting every information for FREE!

Let’s get started with top questions you need answers, regarding carrier unlock sim…

Who is the Carrier that locks Phones?

Carriers are those network proving companies that provide Sim and wireless networks to our phones.

Now take your instance, there are over 50 carriers in the USA, namely; Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc… We all wanna make calls, send messages and brows. YES, those networks provide such services.


Why must they lock the Phone?

This is a business! You should always have that in mind. And companies aim is to be the best and wants their services to be the most used, therefore they work with Phone manufactural to personalize some devices they know well that trends. As that go is achieved, the carriers get the phone and resell to users (you) at a very attractive rate. Some carriers even allow those users to pay instrumental until they complete the payment.

The bottom line is that the carriers make it even more affordable to get that dream phone. With a condition that you must use their network with the phone.

This is why they can lock the phones SIM slot to only allow their SIM cards or in some cases, also the carrier will use specific software to lock the phone. In either case, the phone cannot be used with another carrier until the device has been unlocked.


You can see that whenever you get your phone directly from the phone manufactural is always unlocked already. But check out the price won’t be the same with the price offered by carriers.

I believe you get the gist now?

We can go on with requirements you need to unlock your phone.

You may be wondering why the carrier will have to lock the phone. Well, here are the reasons why they might still not unlock your phone;



Image, Unlock Carrier Netword Phone

Requirements for Carrier Unlock Any SmartPhone

To get the ball rolling you need to have the following information standby;

→ Your Phone Manufacturer
→  The phone model
→  Country you purchase Phone from (not all request this)
→  The original network Carrier – this is possibly also going to be the country’s Carrier network.
→  The IMEI (serial number) of the phone
→  And of course, your credit card or PayPal account or Bitcoin to make payment for the service.
→  An email address and Phone number. To receive update.

With the above requirements, you can sit at your comfort place and complete the transactions without having to pay extra charges or needing anyone to do it for you.


List of Best Online SIM Unlock Service


1. Direct Unlocks

Direct Unlocks logo

Direct Unlocks is our #1 choice, I have used them and it works perfectly well. I make sure browsing and reading the reviews other users have given about DirectUnlocks. Some said bad and some say good about there service. But I still proceed using their service, it was a risk and the money requested isn’t too much to loss – that was all I said ti encouraged me to use them.

Everyone will always have a reason to complain about anything, I also do, so it’s normal.

Behold after about 1week they delivered and unlocked the iPhone x phone which was formally unlocked by Verizon carrier.

When you first log on to you see they listed major countries carriers, don’t get discouraged with that, it does;t matter your country, will always unlock your phone, be it an iPhone or Android.

So far Direct Unlocks have unlocked millions of carrier locked iPhone to use with any network from across the world.

In case your phone carrier isn’t listed on the front page use the steps below to get your phone unlocked;

  • → visit the site
  • → Now scroll down (not to the end) the page and use the box that says;
Worldwide Unlocks From $17.99
  • → Select from the list below, the country you purchase the phone from. The reason you do this is to enable DirectUnlocks to list out all the network carriers for the country, which one of them will possibly to have locked the phone.
  • → Then the second dropdown is where you select the network carrier that locked your phone. Please note that it is very important to know the carrier involved in the lock, if not you will have to pay an extra fee of about $4.99 dollars to check the network. For example; I bought the phone from the USA and the network carrier is Verizon.
  • After all is selected correctly, proceed to click “Unlock”
  • The next form – you have to select your iPhone model and enter your mini number. If you don’t know your mini dial *#06# to display your MIEI

You don’t have to include any spacing while inputting the MIEI.


  • → Then click “Unlock Now” button to take you to the next level.
  • → The next screen that display is the summary of your phone model and MIEI. And a link to pay using either your credit or debit card.
  • → Now select the card you want to use and proceed with the payment.
  • → Now you have to enter your card information, Email address, Phone number, Billing country, city, and postal code.
  • →  Check the box to agree with their terms and condition then Click on “Make Payment” once you have entered every information correctly.

Please note that You can track the progress of your unlock online where the percentage complete is shown. Once Direct Unlocks have your Unlock Code it will be emailed to you – that is why it is important your email address is correct.


Pros of using Direct Unlocks

→They are fast in delivering services
→ check your Phone Phone Carrier Network
→ Unlock Only iPhones and Samsung phones
→ Unlock/Remove the device from a previous owner’s iCloud account.

Cons of Direct Unlocks

→ Nothing is free on their website. network checking, phone and cloud unlock, non is free!
→ Time of delivering usually varies depending on user’s locations, etc.



2.  Doctor Sim Unlocker

Doctor SIM logo

Doctor Sim is the #2 on our list as it offers greater services even more than DirectUnlocks. The unlock a very wide range of phone models and also have multiple ways to unlock your phone sim (unlike DirectUnlocks). DoctorSIM so far has unlocked millions of phones from around the world.

Users come testifying positively about them. In fact, the good reviews are far more incomparable to the negative reviews so far. They are known for good servers.

You can either unlock your phone via their official app or on the official website at Unlike “DirectUnlocks”, DoctorSIM offers free PhoneCheck service to know whether the phone has been reported due to loss, theft or unpaid bill, why you can’t make calls or if the phone is under warranty, to which network provider the iPhone is locked and if the iCloud Activation Lock is enabled.

Their unlocking process is almost the same process as DirectUnlock,  but what differs is that they will have to send you unlock process via email address after processing them all.

Doctor Sim offers an affordable price with a guaranteed that your phone will be unlocked.

How to use DoctorSIM Unlock App

You can start by downloading the DoctorSIM app via Google play store, then use the steps below to unlock your phone.

>>Click here to download DoctorSIM App<<

  • → Select your Mobile Phone
  • → Select the Network Provider (Carrier)
  • → Then complete the payment form. To provide your card information, address, email address and Mobile phone number.
  • → once you have completed the payment process, DoctorSIM emails you a step-by-step unlocking instruction into the email address you provided during the payment process.

DoctorSIM has a good support which you can always…at all time reach them via Phone number (calling), live chat and vai E-mail address contact.

How to Use DoctorSIM Unlock Website

  • → Visit the official website
  • → then select the task to perform, whether to unlock, check status, etc… in this case, we select unlock
  • → if your phone band or model is not enlisted then you can use the box to type in the make of the phone you want to unlock
  • →Then click the button “Unlock your Phone>”
  • →This is the page where you have to Select the country and your network provider
    In the case where you’re not sure of the network provider or it’s not listed then you select
    Network Operator Unknown or not in list
  • →Still on the same page but you have to gradually scroll down to see the nest form.
    Enter Phone IMEI number
    A valid Email address you have an access
    and Your mobile phone number to receive SMS
    Then agree on the terms and condition my checking the box below.
  • → Below is to select payment options. DoctoreSIM has a 3-payment option; PayPal, Credit Card (which could be Visa, American Express, Credit card or Master card) and Crypto.
  • → Once you have completed the payment form, then submit and start tracking the progress of the unlocking.



  • → Fast service delivery.
  • → Affordable Unlocking Fee.
  • → Good customer support.
  • → Free Phone status check.
  • → Unlocks almost all brands and models of Phones.
  • → Unlocks carrier network, SIM and Blacklisted Phone.
  • → Active refund responds if your phone is unable to unlock.


  • → The site doesn’t look attractive like others.
  • → Delivery time can stay up to 2 to 3 weeks (sometimes)


3. Official iPhoneUnlocks

Official iPhoneUnlocks logoOfficial iPhoneUnlocks is only mainly for iPhone users who want to unlock the network carrier to permanently use with any network of their choice around the world.

Apart from unlocking iPhone Network, it also offers service to removing iCloid lock so you can use your own account. allows you to check your phone status from free. That means you don’t have to pay any money to get full information regarding your phone (same service pattern as DoctorSIM). allows you to carry out bulk unlocks, unlock iCloud, check status and Network check. Similarly, with Direct Unlocks, Network check and phone status checking are not free. payment for this service starts from $5.

Once you have applied for the unlocking, you get an email to follow up from them. Their support gives you every detail you need to know about the progress. However, you can as well reply the same email in case of any questions or challenges.

To Use  Unlock Service:

  • → Visit the official website
  • → Click the “Unlock Check”
  • → Then select the model of the phone you want to unlock
  • → Scroll down a bit to select also enter your IMEI number
  • → Select Country and network the phone is locked to (NOT the one you want to use).
  • → Then click the button “Pre-Order”
  • → It takes you to a new screen where you see the summary of your phone status. But the necessity of the page is for you to provide your email address. However, you should see a button if you want to add more iPhone to unlock at once. Remember I already told you that Official allows unlocking iPhones in bulk.
  • → Then Click “Continue”.
  • → The next screen is to select and provide your payment information.
  • → Once payment is completed, they process your IMEI within Apple’s iTunes database by marking it as unlocked and then email you when it’s done.You then just plug your iPhone into iTunes, and you’re unlocked – allowing you to use your iPhone on any GSM network worldwide without fear of it ever re-locking.



4. UnlockBase

UnlockBase logo

UnlockBase is another great Cellphone Remote Unlocking services that provide you with an unlock service in a timely manner at the best price. With an efficient, courteous and reliable customer service. They claim to have unlocked Over 9,096,689 Phones Unlocked since March 2004

Well, many have no doubt over the claims because their service is fantastic and you’ll agree if you are a UnlockBase reseller. Their website looks so amazing.

First, you may be wondering where to click on to start unlocking your phone, right? then use the steps below;

  • → Once you’re at the official website
  • → You should see hand-holding a Phone with the title “GET STARTED”, click the drop-down arrow to select your phone manufactural. You as well decide to type in the name manually right in the box.
  • → select model of the phone you want to unlock and click on “Unlock Now”.
  • → This should open another screen where you enter the IMEI code.
  • → Email address to receive message for confirmation of unlocking.
  • → Then you select the country from your phone is locked.
  • → Select the Network your Phone is locked to.
  • → Check the first box if you aren’t sure of the network your phone is locked to.
  • → Check the second box if you are sure your phone is clean and out of contract
  • → The third box YOU MUST check to accept their terms and condition of service.
  • → The click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT NOW>”
  • → Select the payment option you will be using, fill your payment information, complete payment and finally confirm.
  • You are done!




CellUnlocker logo

CellUnlocker is another great network unlocking service provider you can use and be rest assured to get a positive result. No difference from others. CellUnlocker also offers Legit service like the rest listed on this page. Fast delivery and good customer service response.

The website is simple and user-friendly, you can always understand where you are navigating to. I haven’t tried them but my friends have. However, they have good reviews – people testifying how their phone was unlocked using


  • → Log on to
  • → On the right side of the page, start by selecting your phone brand.
  • → Also, select the Model of the phone.
  • → Then select the network that locked your phone which you wanna unlock.
  • → Click on “Unlock Your Phone”.
  • → New screen displays for you to enter the IMEI code of the phone.
  • → Click on “Continue to Checkout”. This opens a new screen.
  • → On this page, you enter your payment information (name, phone number, email address card information, etc).
  • → Then on the right side of the same page you check the box “I agree with the terms & conditions“.
  • → Click the button below to complete the payment process.
  • → Once all these steps are taken, you relax and wait for information that will be sent to your email on the progress.




6. Mobile Unlocked

MobileUnlocked logo

MobileUnlocked is not to be excluded among great online carrier phone unlock service provider. They UNLOCK YOUR MOBILE PHONE fast and permanently to enable use of other networks all over the world – juet like the rest of Network Carrier Phone nnlocker mentioned on this page.

The website is so simpleto understand and navigate through. Just like others lieted on this page, yo’ll be needing same data to provide in order to unlock your phone. Not to forget telling you that you can unlock any kind of phone model here.

  • → Enter the official website
  • → Use the dropdown menu or on the homepage to select your phone’s make and model or simply use the search area, if you’d prefer.
  • → Then click “Unlock Now”
  • → Complete The Order Form. Instructions How To Complete Order Form:
    ∼ Select country of residence
    ∼ Select country your phone is locked to
    ∼ Three steps:
    A) Provide all required details such as name, email and IMEI number
    B) Tick to confirm our Terms and Conditions
    D) Choose payment method and provide your details
  • → Complete The Payment. And as soon as your payment is verified, you will receive a receipt email, and a separate order confirmation email.
  • → Now you will Receive Your Unlock Code By Email or or software download link and login details.

Please note: In the email with your unlock codes will either be the complete unlocking instructions or a link to the instructions on how to use the code to unlock your phone. Your phone will then be permanently unlocked and able to be used on any network.




iPhoneIMEI logo

iPhoneIMEI is a great unlocking service you can also use. all iPhone models and iOS versions: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 9, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G. iOS version supported: iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10……any iOS versions

obviously, looking at the website it looks so simple to work on. And of course, it’s indeed the simplest platform among all the sites listed on this page.

You can perform Carrier check, iPhone IMEI checking for free. But once it comes to unlocking your iCloud and Phone network its a premium service.

To use this service…

  • → Visit the official website
  • → Click on Unlock iPhone.
  • → Then select your iPhone model to start the unlock, or scroll down to select a network.Note: as you are doing all the selections, you will see the image of your phone, and when you also select network, you see by the right-side of the screen loading the network details for you. That is the reason I said this website is the simplest and best of all to work on unlocking your iPhones.
  • → Then enter your IMEI code.
  • → Click on “Unlock Now!” button once you have entered your IMEI code correctly.
  • → Now time to checkout. Select whether you’re using Visa/Master card or Bitcoin as a payment option. But before then, remember to enter a valid email as always explained that email is an important information you need for this job.
  • → Click the “Buy Now”. Then wait to redirect to payment page where you select which payment gateway to use, after that you start filling your information.
  • → Once done, click on “Make Payment” to complete the process. And that is all.
  • → Now keep checking your email or go to the home page to track the process.




All of this services provides a permanent unlocking solution irrespective of your location. Have a budget of about $50 to $60 (some charge very less) to complete any company you may have selected to work with. Must people out there who resell this services charges up to $150 to $200 to unlock your phone. But you have the key in your palm of your hand, you can also sign up for resell account (will be discusing that on text topic) and make cool money. You can convert to your currency to see what the information on this page “” has save you!

Make sure your IMEI number (code) is correct. Also, make sure to use a valid email account during the transaction. Because email is the most efficient means of communication between you and them. Be sure to check your spam/junk email folder because some might not land in the Inbox (sometimes).

Don’t expect their delivery period. To avoid heart-break or disappointment, simply give them more time like 10 business days to get all your work done for you. And for those with tracking, you can always log in and track the progress of their effort until completion.


Hope you got all you need on this page?

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