NPF Tinted Permit Online Print Out – We understand that many of us here do not still understand how to get the NPF Tinted Permit Online Print Out. That is the reason this page was created to guild us through on how to get the print out online.

Below is the To Get the NPF Tinted Permit Out Online Printout

  1. Log on to
  2. Click tinted permit link on the quick-link menu.
  3. Fill the registration form on the right to obtain an Application ID.
  4. Complete the Application Process by Login in with your email and the Application ID electronically generated.
  5. Fill the Bio-Data form when logged-in and enter the details of the Vehicle you want to obtain tinted permit for with the instructions outlined on the page.
  6. Upload your vehicle license, proof of ownership.
  7. Print out the information submitted then take the Print-out to the State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) in any Police Command, to capture your biometrics.
  8. Applicants applying on medical grounds must upload a medical report obtained from any government hospital and must bring original copies of all relevant documents for verification before their biometric can be captured.
  9. Upon completion of this procedure, your application shall be processed and decisions including issuance of the permit if application is successful shall be conveyed within five working days. Your application will be fully processed after these steps.

Please Note that to Apply for the new automated Firearm license, tinted permit and Police character clearance you must have your National Identification Number (NIM)

Sample of The NPF Tinted Permit Certificate

NPF Tinted Permit printout image sample
NPF Tinted Permit printout image sample

Any Applicants with challenges of processing their application online can also go to the State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) within their State Police Command or the FHQ Abuja for support.

Note that motor vehicle tinted permit can only be issued to applicants that meets the requirement as stated in section 66(2) of the National Road Traffic Regulation (1997) and Section 1(1) of the Motor Vehicle (prohibition of tinted glass) ACT, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.

Use the comment box below if you have any question.

Good Luck and Drive save/carefully.

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  1. george u enueshike says:

    how can i recall the print out page after getting my id number

  2. Semiu Lamidi Oluwafemi says:

    How can i recall the print out after submission

  3. How can i get the Application ID

    1. onlinedailys says:

      As you apply online

  4. Be better says:

    I read online that SUVs with factory tints are exempted from having tint permit. How true is this?

    1. onlinedailys says:

      Its not true. You have to get papers for tint permit.

      1. Hi i have a repsonse to my application that my tinted glass permit application has been approved. Do i necessarily need the printout. It was done in ABJ

        1. onlinedailys says:

          Good day, Stella,
          You lose nothing if you’ve gote the printout

  5. I have registered but find it hard using my email and identification ID after logging out. Saying invalid password. Please what should I do.

    1. onlinedailys says:

      Then reset your password and get a new one to access your account.

      1. Ezirim Chukwuma says:

        how can one do that?

  6. Chigoziei Igbokwe says:

    i hv been trying to access to no avail. the error message kept pointing to the fact that the web site might have either been moved to a different web host or closed completely.

    please, your kind assistance would be preferred as a reply to [email protected]

  7. My papers where mistakenly given to another drive by a police officer in a checkpoint along Elele Owerri Road, and my tinted permit print original print out is also among, please how do i get another print out. help please.

    1. onlinedailys says:

      You have to go to that police station in that state first (to see if you can get back your documents) before applying for another one.

  8. cars with tinted but not factory do they also need permit?

  9. Error in the first issued. How can I reapply

  10. ONIOZA SAMSON says:

    I have meet all requirement needed but i have not received any mail regards to my tinted permit, my email address is [email protected] and my phone is 08035468301

  11. Kufre Effiong says:

    I applied for my tinted glass permit since match 2017, what is delaying it ?

  12. Dr Richard Akinola Aduloju says:

    I did my online application and final capture for police tinted permit last year 2017 January. Since then I have not received my approval. Please, what can the Police Force do to help me get the approval?

    1. onlinedailys says:

      If you have tried online and not working out then Visit any headquarter to know what has happened and how to proceed

  13. Florence Iyabo says:

    I have difficulty in logging in again to the site , I always have invalid password as a response.
    kindly apply.

    1. onlinedailys says:

      Then try to reset your password.
      If the error persists I advise you visit any close by Police Head office for assistance.

  14. Pls where can I go to in Lagos to get this tinted permit done since am not getting a positive result from online registration

    1. onlinedailys says:

      You can visit any Police Headquarter, That will be done for you ASAP

  15. Okwuadigbo James says:

    I submitted my printout to police head quarter since 2017, now police is asking me for application I don’t have my copy. Trying to go back to system for reprint .no provision made for reprinting what do I do

    1. onlinedailys says:

      You can still login through Use the email address and password (which is your application ID) used during the initial online registration, then you should be able to see your application status and the rest of them. You can also print whatever page you want.

  16. Okwaraji Coleman says:

    Good day Sir. Please I registered for tinted permit.but unfortunately, I cannot remember my registration enable me complete the online registration process… please what do I do?
    Name: okwara Coleman
    Phone no: 08033616698
    E-mail: [email protected]

  17. Steve Black Aiwansosa says:

    I just filled the form now and they replied user already exist, I know I had filled it before, long ago and no I d was sent to my phone and no mail was sent to me, so how do I log in ?

  18. Oriere Bright says:

    please I will like to know how to fill the tinted permit online form

  19. Steve Black Aiwansosa says:

    I’ve filled out my application form since 2017 and till now I’m still waiting for the permit. I recently checked online and my particular was there but the reply I got was not yet approved .What should I do ?

  20. i misplaced my print out and i dont know how to get another print out. please suggest with link on how to go about it

  21. Will i need any other documentation if i am changing my factory fitted tint to a different one?

  22. DR IBU OTOR says:


    1. onlinedailys says:

      Good day,
      if it doesn’t workout online for you, then visit any police station state head office for the process.

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