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We understand that most of you are seriously facing different kind of challenges, like; uploading of files, login issue, changing some data, etc. You need not to bother again because Contact Info is made freely available here now.

Please note that we Team are not working or affiliating with, rather we are only trying to give you guys what you need that will be of help or make things easy to you. Contact Info – N-Power Contact Address

We go this from the official website, of which when you access the site also then click on “Contact Us” tab-bar you will see the following contact information for you to call when ever you encounter any kind of challenges.

Please find the N-power contact details below.

Phone numbers

    • 08104000042
    • 07013000448
    • 08155000502
    • 08180000832
    • 08064721654
    • 08032104248
    • 07061135700
    • 09029845349
    • 08060414596
    • 07063827141
    • 08060426227
    • 09022586371
    • 09026804126



Please Note that any additional contact information gotten any where else is NOT  the official customer service address.

We have some important LINKS that might be useful to you, like;
How to confirm we are not deceiving you, here is it:
  • log on to
  • when the page open, at the top left of the site you will find a tab-bar “Contact Us Contact Info
    Screenshot of official Contact Info website page
  • Click on the tab-bar to see this information listed above as the official contact address of N-Power Online Job application.

Now you have gotten this information free, the ONLY challenges you are likely to face is how fast you can get them through the contact info. This is as a result that millions of people Old, Young, Educated and non-Educated are all trying to call any of this numbers and email.

But you just have to keep on trying it you get what you want. That doesn’t stop you from not making further research to get solution to your challenges before they answer you. Because time going and we all know that time wait for no one…

Share this information to other around you also.

Good Luck.


58 thoughts on “ Contact Info | How May We HELP You?

  1. i applied for teaching but didnt recieve any massage and my date is today 24 ifeoma ofodole 08135811933

  2. my name is mala abba I didn’t see text of my test

    please response to me my mobile number is 07030270037

  3. pls I missed the online test due to the fact that I was not been inform via text or calls like others had pls is there any avenue of writing the test again before the second phase comes up I beg u

  4. Pls. Help the candidate of minna Niger state. pls. Help my husband we have nobody to run to but the govt. Pls they are trying to replace them with another candidate pls help my marriage pls help my little boy to make a meaning in his life thanks

  5. More grace to your able the entire npower team and the federal government for empowering the youths of our country. we have being waiting patiently for the batch B list please i want to know when the batch B list of the npower crops will be out? most of us want travel in search of greener pasture but need to know our faith first.

    1. Once its out we shall announce it here, so always keep in touch on our page here for latest information.

  6. I have corrected my account details how do I update it since the potal won’t let me 08134946494

  7. my december and january payment hasnt been paying yet, and ive try to check my portal which shows that am verified…please what should i do? 08078298741

  8. They av not being paying me my dec&jan stipend and av check my profile der is no signal 4 verification der,today i was in the NOA Office, 2 no what is happen and dey said 2 me dat am not present my HND mean while it’s only ND I use to apply to npower and i was selected and do d verification on dec 11,2016.right,i av HND but it’s bear my husband name dat is d reason why am not use it,bcos i was not do d changing of name,pls only ND use and it was tally with my acc name pls help me i need ur assistant

  9. i alagbe grace pls sir i have nt collect the Dec&Jan money pls due to not submited my exhclusion letter but now i have submited it pls clear so dat my salary wil be paid help me 08069118599 thank

  10. Birthday issue. Correct birthday is 06/02/1980 not 1981.
    Name.. Ogundipe Sade Florence
    Local Government.. Ogbomoso North
    Phone Number.. 07034355646

  11. I have being paid for Dec and January but have not paid for February what will I do, and during account updates I forget
    to put my account name in my Npvn account

  12. please sir the Npower portal do not allow me to do the update for account name only

    1. You just have to keep on trying it. If could be network issue

  13. Sir without account name only i have being paid for months of DEC and Jan but i have not paid for month of February when others are paid what do I do

    1. Because with your BVN only, your name will show. You will still get paid.

  14. pls sir, I am Adewumi Bukola from akoko north west local government ondo state I did the verification last year but instead for them to write YES the wrote NO,pls sir help me to find solution to it

  15. Hello sir, pls am having date of birth issue, they did mistake with my date of brith 06/09/1990 and which my correct date of birth is 06/09/1993. pls sir help me to correct it sir pls 07034397642

  16. i have not been paid january and febuary pls what do i do

  17. And I have not been paid January and February, pls help.

  18. sir, my name is Adejonwo Oluwatoyin,Azizat .I am unable to ogin to updat my account,to upload my picture an my identity card….Sir i am worried.please what can i do…. it keeps telling me ” Error in changing password” .Here are my phone numbers 0803466775

  19. Sir I have not been paid december January February March.what do I do.Sam’ana Abdulrauf

    1. You have to login your account and check your profile and also check if your BVN, account details and names are in place.

  20. sir my bank details are OK I checked them yesterday.Sir pls clear me so that will get paid pls.Sam’ana Abdulrauf. 08030985455.thanks

  21. Problem of one digit number of my bvn 2240172968(2) 22401729687 corret my name is inusa mannirpls sir help me

    1. login to your account and do the editing. Use our guide on this page to correct your BVN.

  22. Good morning, please my name is Ekemini-Abasi Ene Okon, with phone no: 08033880403, from Akwa lbom state, pls i have not been paid since the beginning of this program, pls help me check, thank you

    1. Kindly check your nPower account details to confirm if your name, BVN and other information about you are correct.

  23. Complement of the day, with due respect, my name is Ekemini-Abasi Ene Okon, with phone no 08033880403, from Akwa lbom state, resident in Uyo, Akwa lbom state. I was shortlisted in the Npower Agro and I also did my verification but am not paid since the beginning of this program. I realized that there was mistake on my BVN details from the bank. I have made all necessary corrections now, please help me update for payment. Thank you.

  24. The information on my page are all correct now, pls help me update for payment. Bless you

  25. I applied for N-tax and I heard dat n tax test will start on d 1st of July to 3rd of July,I didn’t receive any text,I was trying to log in for d test,but d response was invalid log in,way out pls

  26. Gud morning sir pls i registered for N-Teach….i used my middle name as my first name, pls sir i need ur help

  27. Pls I applied for n-teach and I heard that N-teach test will start on 11-21 July, I didn’t received any text, I was trying to log in but response was invalid which till now I can’t be able to do any test. Pls what is the next thing now. My number is 08036106314

  28. i apply for N-power teach,i have problem with my residental addres,parking for dey to obi LGA in benue state,help me change my residental addres to adum-west ito,obi LGA benue state,thank sir

  29. my family park from makurdi to obi LGA in benue state ,help me change residental addres to adum-west ito,obi LGA area in benue state

    1. Sorry, we do not have access or help applicants to login their profile acct. We only give guides on how to resolve issues and gives also latest info. So Use the steps on this page to edit your account.

  30. i applied for d 2017 agro npower bt i didnt receive text to do my test and i log in last week friday 18th august instead of july as it was scheduled which i was able to write the test subnitted. i later login to my profile to check my status of applicant since others have been chevking and it brings their names bt in my own case it shows error. pls wt s d problem with my account.

  31. Good day onlinedailys,
    My name is Asifat Adeola Afusat, I got a congratulatory message from npower on June 12,2017 that I have been selected into npower from the waiting list of 2016.
    My complaint: my state of residence and local government is Iwo, Osun State network was not supportive then so I decided to go to Ibadan nearer to my town to apply, but unfortunately again as I was applying Iwo couldn’t be found on the list so as not to loose out I opted for I Ibadan as my state of residence because I have someone I can put up with there but unfortunately I chose a wrong local government (Atiba LGA) .I later got to know Atiba is in Oyo town and not Ibadan So I had a mismatched place of residence and local government area which have been giving sleepless night ever since I later got a congratulatory message on June 12. I have been in a confused state because I don’t know where to have my verification done when the time comes.
    Although I tried to re apply with this 2017 recruitment to make corrections but I was not selected.
    Please I am confused as to where to go for my verification. The fault was not mine for the 2016 application I couldn’t find my place of residence and local government area so I chose another town whose LGA I chose was wrong.
    Once again, my name is Asifat Adeola Afusat a graduate of English Language Education,University of Ibadan. I reside and live in Iwo.
    Please kindly help me out.

    1. You either go to the state u applied, or your forget the job and apply again.

      1. I can’t afford to let go of it sir, I have been holding on for it for a long time and that’s why I re_applied this year to avoid being disqualified in the long run but I wasn’t pre_selected.
        Can you kindly re_read my submission to know where my problem lies? If I go to Ibadan for the verification,Atiba Lga is not in Ibadan.Should I go to Atiba lga in Oyo town. Pleaseeeee, I beg of you kindly put me through to save me from being disqualified at the of the day .I have every other things needed for the verification it’s only this mismatched LGA with the place of residence. I think candidates should be sent text messages as to where to have their verifications done to be fair enough, alot of people have issues with this.
        Thanks in anticipation for a positive response, Npower .

  32. I forgot my password to log into my account. I need help.

  33. I need help. I want a password reset for my account. I can’t remember my password any longer.

  34. I have been to the Lga I input but i couldn’t find my name on the list so I wasn’t allowed vérification. Yet I received a message on june 12 that I have been selected into npower programme from the waiting list of 2016. But I am yet to be verified can you please help me out on this ?. Time is running out.

  35. Good day online dailys I have generated otps up to 50times as from Monday but I kept getting otp validation error, I just tried right now again no positive result kindly help me out So I can meet up,I have tried different browsers on CP. I think the issue is a technical error from npower.

  36. Good morning onlinedaily, please I need help I have mistakenly load my picture in place of my passport and also I have also been loaded my picture in place of my ID card, and I have try to download the correct one on no valid I try and I try no way to load the correct one please help me I can sleep because of my mistakes thanks for ur help my name is Glory Godwin Daniel am from Akwa lbom in Eket l.g thank for your response.

    1. ALl you have to do is open that same portal where you uploaded the picture —> then click on the same button to upload —> then choose the passport you want to upload —> and save or download your form or continue with your task. Once you do that the passport will automatically replace the old that you mistaken uploaded before.

      I hope you got the answer to the question you asked? Please feel free to comment if you face another challenges.

      Good luck.

  37. good evening npower have done what u said but is still the same thing I tried to download as much as I can still no way I can sleep because of this issue o God help me, npower help me. To download the correct thing thank for your response npower. Glory Godwin Daniel from Eket

  38. good day sir,my names is Aina Oluwafemi Sunday, ido/osi L.G.A,Ekiti State, N-agro,I was successfully verified but yet couldn’t log in, it keep displaying unfortunately verification unsuccessful, pls what should I do?

    1. Can I know the steps you have taken to land into this ” successfully verified” message you get?

  39. yes…I was there on the day of verification, submitted photocopy my nysc certificate, national identity card,local government attestation, birth certificate HND result.when I couldn’t log in, I went back to the state coordinator and he confirm that I’m successfully verified but there was a kind of mix up,that it will probably be resolved from Abuja.But since then, it keep displaying unfortunately verification unsuccessful. Pls help me.08060997120

  40. pls reply my comment,tell my what next to do,my state coordinator said it was a mix-up,but ever since, the situation is still the same. so that my name will not be replaced With another person, pls….

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