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We understand that most of you are seriously facing different kind of challenges, like; uploading of files, login issue, changing some data, etc. You need not to bother again because Contact Info is made freely available here now.

Please note that we Team are not working or affiliating with, rather we are only trying to give you guys what you need that will be of help or make things easy to you. Contact Info – N-Power Contact Address

We go this from the official website, of which when you access the site also then click on “Contact Us” tab-bar you will see the following contact information for you to call when ever you encounter any kind of challenges.

Please find the N-power contact details below.

Phone numbers

    • 08104000042
    • 07013000448
    • 08155000502
    • 08180000832
    • 08064721654
    • 08032104248
    • 07061135700
    • 09029845349
    • 08060414596
    • 07063827141
    • 08060426227
    • 09022586371
    • 09026804126



Please Note that any additional contact information gotten any where else is NOT  the official customer service address.

We have some important LINKS that might be useful to you, like;
How to confirm we are not deceiving you, here is it:
  • log on to
  • when the page open, at the top left of the site you will find a tab-bar “Contact Us Contact Info

    Screenshot of official Contact Info website page

  • Click on the tab-bar to see this information listed above as the official contact address of N-Power Online Job application.

Now you have gotten this information free, the ONLY challenges you are likely to face is how fast you can get them through the contact info. This is as a result that millions of people Old, Young, Educated and non-Educated are all trying to call any of this numbers and email.

But you just have to keep on trying it you get what you want. That doesn’t stop you from not making further research to get solution to your challenges before they answer you. Because time going and we all know that time wait for no one…

Share this information to other around you also.

Good Luck.



  1. ifeoma ofodile
  2. mala abba
  3. obi ronald ikennna
  4. Hauwa muhammed
  5. Ola Victor Ugama
    • onlinedailys
  6. Songo trixinate
  7. oladosu sunday jacob
  8. Oladosu Ayokomi
  9. alagbe grace
  10. Ogundipe Sade Florence
  11. uguru Gabriel .e.
  12. uguru Gabriel .e.
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  13. uguru Gabriel .e.
    • onlinedailys
  14. Adewumi Bukola
  15. Ola Omowumi Grace
  16. baiyere arokoyo rufus
  17. Enyie Stacy Akanimo
  18. Adejonwo Oluwatoyin Azizat
  19. Samana Abdulrauf
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  20. Samana Abdulrauf
  21. Inusa mannir
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  22. Ekemini-abasi Ene okon
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  23. Ekemini-abasi Ene okon
  24. Ekemini-abasi Ene okon
  25. Ekemini-abasi Ene okon
  26. Ekemini-abasi Ene okon
  27. ugbong lucy eyang
  28. Lasisi Afusat Oluwatoyin
  29. Annet
  30. Quadri Ramota Motunrayo
  31. ajah sunday alewu
  32. ajah sunday alewu
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  33. abosede
  34. Asifat Adeola Afusat
    • onlinedailys
      • Asifat Adeola Afusat
  35. Asifat Adeola Afusat
  36. Asifat Adeola Afusat
  37. Asifat Adeola Afusat
  38. Asifat Adeola Afusat
  39. Asifat Adeola Afusat
  40. Glory Godwin Daniel
    • onlinedailys
  41. Glory Godwin Daniel
  42. Aina Oluwafemi Sunday
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  43. Aina Oluwafemi Sunday
  44. Aina Oluwafemi Sunday
  45. Nwokeji Millicent Tobe
  46. Ogaranya Gift Obioma
  48. Alozie Hope

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