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nPower Login Portal | nPower.gov.ng Online Results Checking

nPower Login Portal as become major challenges to most applicants who wants to check nPower.gov.ng Online results. During the online registration and while taking the Npower test you where informed that text messages will be sent across you all. Although some people can not receive text messages due to network issues or other reasons. We recommend that you view using the below listed method/steps.

This pages contains full information on how To Check Result Online – www.npower.gov.ng, along side with the official nPower Login Portal. So you should be able to;

  • check nPower results online with or without receiving any text message
  • know the official website for nPower login dashboard or Login npower page for result checking
  • know if you where selected or not
  • know what next – if after checking your result and you “PASS nPower Text”
  • retrieve npower details if you lost it

What is Official nPower Login Portal or Website?

The NPower.gov.ng result checking portal is; “apply.npower.gov.ng/test/index.php“. On clicking this page should land you on a page where you will have to select/Choose your Programme Test Platform. Already you should know which of the programme you had applied for.

nPower.gov.ng Online Results Checking Portal

1.  But to make it more easier click on the Title/Name of the Programme Test Platform, clicking it should open nPower Login Portal for that choice;

2.  So now on clicking on any of the link above, a new login page will open where you will have to enter your;

nPower Login Portal

  • Phone Number – please note that it’s the phone number used during the registration that is required of you to put in the login box.
  • BVN – make sure its also the same BVN number used during your application that you will use too. If you do not understand what BVN (Bank Verification Number) – click here to learn more.

Then click on “Log in”.

3.  When you have successfully  “Go to device selectionthen “Choose the device of your choice“.

To be sure that you passed the exam, you will be welcomed to the next stage which is DEVICE SELECTION. In this stage you will be able to select a device of your choice from your portal for the Npower program.

4. Then submit after selecting your device.

As soon as you select this you have automatically seen your result for the Npower Scheme.

This is how to check your NPower results online.

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How Do You Know If You Where Selected OR Not

For you to confirm that you PASSED your test it will save and will load to the next. Like this;

  • Application – Done
  • BVN Validation –  Done
  • Test – Done
  • Device Selection – Loading
  • Pre selection
  • Physical Verification
  • Selection
  • Deployment

What Next – If After Checking Your Result and You “PASS nPower Text”?

From the instruction above (on how to know if you have been selected or Pass) you will see that your application was successful, BVN validation – successful, Test – successful (pass), now device selection loading… when that becomes successful too then the next stage follows… until you get to the deployment stage which is the finally level.

Then you start working and get paid every month.

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How To Retrieve nPower Details If You Lost It?

Depending on what you have lost, is it your login details which are your phone number or BVN??? Then I think this are very sensitive information that you most know even if its lost, you already know your phone number off-heart. Meaning that you can call out your phone number at all time.

Then for your BVN you have to go to your bank and give then your account information so that they can fetch out your information and write out your BVN to you again.

Feel free to share with us (using comment box below) your challenges, or success following the steps on this page. Our team are here to assist you at all time. Good Luck.



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