NPower Nigeria Login Portal – Check here to know if you where selected

It was like a joke when the Federal Government announced its intention of creating jobs through the NPower programme. But now it has become a reality and many people can testify to that. Every month new things happen in the NPower Nigeria programme, it could be the NPower registrations form, or NPower test and new successful list, or NPower salary gist, etc.

On this page we have shown below the official NPower Nigeria Login Portal, reason, why this topic is very important, is because most people go to Google, Yahoo, Facebook,, AOL, etc to search for “NPower”.

And, we have come to understand that in other countries like the USA, there is an organization also called NPower (read more about the NPower in the USA here).

This is the reason we have ensured listing out the correct and official Nigeria N-Power – so that you don’t get confused any more.

This page contains every details you should know about the Npower Build Nigeria registration and checking of list.

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This mistakes has really made many to lose the opportunity of being employed in NPower Nigeria programme. Now, we have listed the official portal to login Nigeria N-Power, so we urge every one of you to use the link below to login the Nigeria portal.

To achieve goals in life one has to follow the procedure to it. Also, the N-Power Programe has its way which every applicant has to follow through the official website “” and “”

When you hear on news, online, tv, or newspaper that the N-Power recruitment form is out first thing you are expected to do is to:

  • listen to every details of the application
  • then go online (the official website) to apply for the job/position  you know you are fit in
  • do not miss the test. We found out that some of the applicants uses wrong phone number or invalid email account to signup for NPower Nigeria Job.

“If you do not know how to create a email or you want to create a new mail account click here: learn how to open new Yahoo mail account here OR learn how to open new Gmail account here OR Outlook, Hot mail account. Its very important !”

You need an email account to apply for this opportunity, So check out and select which email to sign up now: Best Free Email Services: Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex

Full Guide on NPower Nigeria Login Portal 

After partaking in the N-power recruitment text, you will still want to know if you where selected for the job you applied for. And there is only one N-Power official website you can check that, which “”.

Its very important to know if you have been selected because once your name is on the NPower Successful list then you have to also login to update your information and as well start your training immediately.

  1. Which your mobile phone or computer Login to
  2. On the page you will see a link for you to click.  The official portal to check the list of successful or selected application is here:
  3. Now after checking and you are selected  click here to start your training.

That is all about all official NPower Nigeria Login Portal that you may know about for now.

Please Note This – Very Important

This notice was directly from the N-Power Programme Team to inform you that:

  • The processes for applying for and / or being selected for the N-power programme are open and transparent.
  • The selection criteria will be published and made public. The criteria will seek to identify the applicants that will be best suited to the objectives of the programme in a fair. reasonable and consistent manner.
  • Any claim by any individual and / or group suggesting any influence of a political, religious or similar nature will be a factor in the N-power programme is false and should be rejected.
  • There is no truth in any claim that suggests there are set allocations or quota under the N-power programme for any political group or party.
  • Exchange of money and/or services for placement in the N-power programme is prohibited. Any individual and / or group making any financial request or similar demands from any applicant do so fraudulently and must be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Registration and selection for the N-power programme is absolutely free.
  • It is your duty to be vigilant and beware of fraudsters who intend to take advantage of gullible or uninformed citizens.

The Federal Government has NOT and will NOT place additional burden on citizens who wish to be employed.

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Kindly here this page to others. Many applicants are also searching for this information.  If you found this page helpful then share to others too.

Good Luck.


  1. please i made mistake while choosing bank name , pls how do i correct it and i have submitted already

  2. please I made a mistake by registering for npower tax coz of my discipline, please what am I suppose to do now, I have tried to register agro but it says I have already been registered please what do I do

    • Sorry for there is nothing that you can do right now.

  3. Pls I registered n power health on 15th June but did not received any text message

  4. Pls include me, newly registered yesterday.

  5. is this Npower job ment for only degree what of NCE and OND

    • This npower 2017 job recruitment is meant for all Nigeria graduates. So it doesn’t matter whether u have NCE or OND or HND or BSc…

  6. please I am an Npower health applicant but am yet have my test quastion?

  7. I want to.check may be I was choose

  8. pls I registered with n power Tax side butI I don’t receive any test or msg concerning his.if I am not part of his let me now thanks

    • check your email, also login and see whether you got every information correctly (your name, phone number and email address).

  9. How do I log in to check if am to partake on the text since I have not receive any text not even on my email?? Please help.

  10. Please I need the response so urgently. I don’t no my stand now concerning the text since I did not receive any information after I the online registration..

  11. hello gud morning this is th account that u are going to pay inside becuz is the account that i pay inside account number 3113448077 firstbank account, if u pay into another account they carry we carry ur money away

  12. Sorry my Hamza you will soon receive your confirmation msg for conducting your test assessment as how I have conducted my own. I wish you all the best my brothers and sisters

  13. Hi ihave’nt received any text msg concerning dis program and I have already registered N-power health so please I need to know weather am in range or ………

  14. Please i have written my assessment test and I haven’t received any Message to know if i was selected

    • Its not really a must that you will receive an email notification. So its better you help your self using the steps on this page.

  15. please, have regitered since last month and yet i dont recieve message. What can i do?

  16. My name is Jibola,I applied for npower agro but due to non access to network at where I was at the time of the test so I wasn’t informed to write the test ,please do i still have hope in this scheme and what am I suppose to do ? Please help me thank you.

  17. Please have i been shortlisted, let me know the next step

  18. My name is maimuna Abdulganiyu,I applied for npower health I done everything still ma no Alert please do i still hv hope please help me thanks you.

    • Yes, relax.

  19. I applied npower teach, but i did no received any text message please how can i know iam pre selected please i need help thank u.

  20. I apply for npower agro but I did not received any massage. my is Anyaibe Stephen Chukwe email is my phone number is 08064158545

    • Its really not a must you will get that message via phone SMS. But its very important using this step here (Steps Checking List of nPower Successful Candidate | Login Dashboard) to check if you have been selected too.

  21. up empower

  22. I was shortlist from npower, but my bank details is blank. Pls what will I do

    • You have to fill in your information. Pls use this resource (link) to learn how to add your bank information. Click here to learn —>

      Feel free to also share this page so that others with same challenges or related will learn.


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