How to Get NYSC Call Up Letter Online

Sample of a NYSC Call Up Letter

Sample of a NYSC Call Up Letter

NYSC Call Up Letter – So many has been struggling on how to get their NYSC Call Up letter Online. And that is why we are writing this article to show you all possible means of getting your Copy of NYSC Call up letter.

Guides to get NYSC Call Up Letter Online

Prospective corps members can start printing out their call-up letters from the NYSC website or pick it up in the schools they finished from

You can check yours by:

  • -Clicking HERE
  • -Click ‘already have an account’ (At the right hand side of the site) and enter your information.
  • – After logging in, you will see a spot for “PRINT YOUR CALL UP LETTER”.

How to get back Lost Certificate of National Service

In the case of loss of Certificate of Exemption, the following steps are to be taken.

  • Police Extract/Report
  • Court Affidavit
  • Letter of Introduction from where the Ex-Corps member is discharged i.e. State of Service
  • Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate

Please Note: It is the policy of the Scheme not to reprint lost or burnt Certificates. Letters of Confirmation are issued instead.

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