NYSC Call Up Letter Sample – How NYSC Call Up Looks

I understand the joy to having your your NYSC Call Up Letter printed. Congratulations to you all, I most recommend that it’s not easy that you are up to this stage of printing your NYSC Call Up Letter.

Now, Prospective corps wants to know how the NYSC Call Up Looks like, that is an example of NYSC Call Up Letter Sample, well we have got the latest sample of it here.

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What is NYSC Call-up Letter?

NYSC Call-up Letter is simply a proof of document showing that you have been signed for Notional service. This will also be written on the NYSC Call-up Letter when you have yours printed.

Things You Look Forward To See In The NYSC Call-up Letter Are:

  • Your name
  • call-up number
  • state of origin
  • Gender
  • Institution you study
  • the Course you study
  • State of Deployment
  • Date of reporting
  • Officer-in-charge
  • Address of your orientation camp

Above are the important information needed to be see on that document, when printed out. Please Note that your passport MOST also be clear and seeing.

NYSC Call Up Letter Sample

Sample of a NYSC Call Up Letter
Sample of a NYSC Call Up Letter

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  2. Wat if he/she av nt seen his call up number wat will happen….

    • I really don not understand your question, but I want you to understand that without your call-up letter you will not know where you where posted so for that reason NO service for you. But if you had misplaced the one you already printed online, you can still log in again and re-print your letter

    • This depends on the timetable schedules, but usually 3weeks after printing of green card

      • I’ve not gotten my green card too.
        And I’ve not been evaluated don’t understand what is happening

  3. Please I don’t know-how to process my nysc stuff help me

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