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NYSC News – 2016 BATCH B Exclusion Letters Printing Date & Portal

2016 BATCH B Exclusion Letters Printing

2016 BATCH B Exclusion Letters Printing

We understood the worries of all 2016 Batch B Prospective Corps Members in terms, mostly the part-time graduates from Nigeria Institution concerning date and how to print Exclusion Letters and the NYSC portal to print the Exclusion Letters. Well we got a good new for you all.

The good news is that all part-time graduates from Nigeria Corps Producing Institutions that their Institutions have uploaded their names on the NYSC Portal.

As a matter of fact you all are to visit www.nysc.org.ng effective from Monday 17th October, 2016 to register and print their Exclusion Letters.

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In conclusion

  • Date to start printing Exclusion Letters – starts from Monday 17th October, 2016
  • NYSC official website to print Exclusion Letterwww.nysc.org.ng
  • Official website to start your online registration – www.nysc.org.ng

Kindly use the comment box below to ask your questions or other related challenges. Also do good by sharing this website to others to read too.

Good Luck.


  1. Please, how can I pay for call up letter after initially choosing not to pay?

  2. i have registered and made payment in the bank (first bank). i have my transaction detail slip hard and soft copy. i login but can not yet seem to find the link to print out my exclusion letter. I paid today 28/10/2016 by 12:30pm. Any help or guide to get it?

  3. I have registered. and madr payment but I have not gotten my exclusion letter.

    • I have successfully registered but yet 2 print my exclution what can do now, sir need ur help

      • Log out and log in again, you will see a link for you to print it. Or optional, go to your school and they will provide it for you.

  4. I paid #3039.50 for call up/exclusion letter on the 21st of October 2016. However I am unable to print my exclusion letter. below are details of my payment
    name: Nweke Saving Chinonye
    phone number. 08056003924
    Remita Retrieval Reference: 250132406176
    bank name: first bank of Nigeria plc.
    payment channel: card payment
    what do I do?

    • You have to re-login to the portal again. Why you encounter that error was because there where so many people accessing the site at the same time and some times it could also be from your network.

  5. I have done my payment and did the registration but was told that the exemption letter was being processed but till date I have not gotten my exemption letter. what do I do?

    • Still hold on or go to your School for collection (when its available there).

  6. How much would I pay for Nysc exemption letter and how do I print it

  7. Pls,i ought 2 av registered n printed my exclusion leter afta an sms had been sent 2me by d nysc mngt notifyin dt my sku had uploaded my details as a part time graduate sinnce june 2017 bt cud nt due 2 lack of adequate information. Pls,hw do i go abt it nw? Pls can i stil print it? Pls hep me out . Tns in anticipatn.

    • Yes you can still print it. But you have to visit the NYSC-office in your school (every school has that) then complain to them and they will give you the best advice.

      Or login again to nysc dashboard and check (if you did the online registration during the process).

  8. Sory it was june 2016 nt 2017


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