NYSC Preparation | Top NYSC Camp Requirements

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Before you proceed to serve your fatherland, there are many top NYSC camp requirements. We can simply call them life-savers for NYSC members. There are very many numbers of registrations, verifications, cross-verifications etc you will be subjected to on camp. These registrations require very different items. We care for you, so we decide to pre-inform you before you get your journey started.

It is usually a thing of joy for one to serve the fatherland. For many people, it is a historic year for them. However, to ensure you enjoy this unique experience, you must endeavour to be with the top NYSC camp requirements. That is what we have decided to bring your way today.

Top NYSC Camp Requirements

There are many important items and documents you will need while serving your fatherland. Here, these top NYSC camp requirements are classified into 3 for easy comprehension.

Official Requirements

NYSC Preparation | Top NYSC Camp Requirements

  1. Photocopies of your documents: Ensure you photocopy every of your document before going to camp. Photocopy all you used for registration and whatever other documents required. It is advisable to have between 10-15 photocopies of all your documents
  2. Call up letter. Your call up letter is as important as whatever you consider important. It is your number one evidence to prove you are not impersonating anybody. Please note: Do not laminate your call up letter.
  3. Green card: the Green card contains your bio data and should be printed and brought along with you.
  4. School identity card: Very important for identification. Photocopy between 15-20 copies.
  5. Notification / statement of result from school
  6. Passport photographs: Come along with about 20-30 passport photographs with red background. You may ask “why?” When you get there, you will know.
  7. Certification and licences: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab scientists etc are all expected to come along with their certifications and licences. Of special note, Medicine and Pharmacy graduates need to have the certificate of registration with Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, respectively.

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NYSC KIT Supplements

Top NYSC Camp Requirements

You will be given an NYSC Kit. This kit will contain 1 NYSC Crested Vest, A pair of Khaki Trousers, Cap and Jacket, 2 White T-shirts, 2 Pairs of Knickers, 2 pairs of green-stripped Stockings, A Pair of Orange Jungle Boots and One Pair of White Converse. A “Belt” is also included. But, out of experience, we found out these are not always sufficient to serve needs. Most often, you could be given wears that are under/oversized. To ensure you make the most of your service year, here are the other things to come along with.

  • Round-necked t-shirts
  • White shorts
  • Plain white sneakers/tennis shoes
  • White socks

The quantity you should come with is dependent on you and what you can afford. But it is advisable to come enough to serve your needs.

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Miscellaneous And Daily Needs

NYSC Preparation | Top NYSC Camp Requirements

Waist Bag For Valuables

  1. Stationeries: You do not need to be begging for pen, books and other writing needs when you could easily have come with yours. Moreover, with the current economic situation, nobody would love to lend you theirs.
  2. Padlocks: You need to have your bag secured at all times to avoid stories that touches the heart.
  3. Waist pouch/bag: a little bag you can hand around your waist to secure your valuables such as money, phones, watch, pens etc. It could also be a crossing bag hung from shoulder to waist.
  4. Mosquito treated net: Do you need to hear anything about this? I doubt.
  5. Basic drugs e.g Paracetamols, medicines for allergies,  menstrual pain relief drugs, antibiotics etc
  6. Detergents
  7. Disinfectants/antiseptics
  8. Slippers
  9. Hander kerchief: By the time your sweat runs like a river, you will appreciate this.
  10. Eating utensils: such as flasks, bowls, cups etc.
  11. Lightening Instruments such as portable touches and rechargeable lanterns.
  12. Sunglass: You need this to protect your eyes from the direct influence of the sun on your eyes during drills

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The above listed are the top NYSC camp requirements. It is said that prevention is better than cure. You may not be going for service now, but knowing this and preparing ahead of time is very important. Most of the listed items are what you can obtain from the Mammy markets in NYSC Camps, but, they will be twice the price you could have bought them at home. So, prepare yourself and have a blast a NYSC service year.

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