NYSC State By State Allowance For Corpers

NYSC State By State Allowance differs. Some states pay higher than the others. For prospective Youth Corps members, the knowledge of this will help you prepare yourself financially so you can know what and what to expect from the state you are sent to serve. There is also no fixed rule as to why each state differs in the payments. But, it is not rocket science to say that each state operates according to her economic capacity.

The NYSC State By State Allowance is a collation of the states’ allowance to corps members serving within the state across the federation. This is different from the Allawii. The allawii is simply the name given the N19, 800 which the federal government pays every serving Youth Corps members in Nigeria. The different states therefore have the payment they give to the Corpers in their states. That is our concern.

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NYSC State By State Allowance For Corpers

1. Abia stateeN5,000
2. Akwa Ibom stateN10,000
3. Bauchi stateN1,250
4. Bayelsa statN3,000
5. Borno stateN1,000
6. Cross River stateN3,090
7. Delta stateN5,000
8. Ebonyi stateN15,000
9. Ekiti stateN5,000
10. Enugu state N10,000
11. Imo stateN2,000
12. Jigawa stateN5,000
13. Kaduna stateN3,000
14. Kano stateN4,000
15. Kwara state25,000 (medical youth corp members)
16. Lagos stateN10,000, N20,000 (medical youth corp members)
17. Nassarawa stateN3,000
18. Niger state stateN6,000
19. Ogun stateN5,000
21. Osun  stateN5,000
22. Oyo stateN4,000
23. Sokoto stateN4,000, N9,000 (medical youth corp members)
24. Taraba state–N10,000
25. Yobe stateN2,500
26. Zamfara stateN3,000

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This a list of what Nigerian Youth Corpers are paid in their respective service states. If you think there is one omitted, please let us know. And, do you think this NYSC scheme should also continue? Please talk to us about your stand.

Please Note: Some of the states omitted here is actually a case of unverified data. There were not intentionally omitted for whatever reason.

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