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Ok.ru New registration – Login OK.ru Account and Download OK.ru App

OK.RU is popular in Russia social network service designed in 2006 with the vision to connecting classmates and old friends. But the social media has gained more recognition than expected with an average of 200 million registered users and 45 million daily unique visitors.  Now Odnoklassniki, OK.ru is no longer for classmates to classmates conversation. Family and friends also make use of it to connect their love once across the world.

Odnoklassniki, OK.ru new account registration is free and supper simple. The platform is user-friendly, easy to understand and simple navigation experience. This page has covered every step you need to know and follow to create OK.RU account, Login account and also Download the app on your mobile devices.

OK.ru (Odnoklassniki) is also a property of Mail.ru which page is now available in English and Spanish, as well as in Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Kazakh, Uzbek, and Armenian.

However, the official website to login the account on desktop and mobile is “https://ok.ru/” simple right? Of course, they have the simplest websites in the world. take for instance; Mail.ru, VK.com and OK.ru – shortest and simplest to remember at all time. And the mobile version is https://m.ok.ru/.


How to Login OK.RU account

You may decide to log into your account either through an app or using the official website. If you are using the official website, this can be done with mobile devices and PC.

Access the login page (mobile and desktop) on https://ok.ru/

All you need to login with is your Username or email address or Phone number – all this are alternatives to each other. But make sure that any option you are using to login is associated with the account you have with OK.RU.

The next is your “PASSWORD” you should know this. But in case you’ve forgotten it then you can click on the “Forget password” to get it back or create a new password.

Alternatively and faster to login: Using any of the third party accounts to login is the fastest among all. But sometimes you may want every one of you information or account to be independent. Then, in that case, you do not have to use. If not, with just one-click and allowing OK.ru to access your information  – you are logged into your account.

There is THREE main alternative option to login – without using the Odnoklassniki login form. Using the Mail.ru, Facebook and Google Plus account.

Logining into your account Through App:  After using the link below to download the app on your mobile phone, you can also use the above ways to login, which is either via the Odnoklassniki login form or using the alternatives.

CLICK Here and Create new Mail.ru email account – it does’t take time.

OK.ru Download Mobile App

The app is available on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) Operating System. if you are using an iPhone or iPad then click here to download now. But if your device is an Android version this link is right to click and download fast.

Follow all other steps that prompt to successfully complete the download and installation.

Now with the OK.ru app if means you;

  • always stay in touch with your nearest and dearest family and friends
  • Call your friends free of charge. Both video and audio calls.
  • Post, share and edit photos
  • Load and watch the most interesting and trending videos.
  • Listen to your favourite music and discover your friends’ musical tastes
  • Share emotions with your nearest and dearest through various gifts
  • Keep up to date with all the news from your groups and participate in their discussions


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Ok.ru New registration – How to Signup Odnoklassniki for New Account

OK.ru new registration form

The registration process is also as simple as to log in. And on the same login page, si only for you to navigate to “Registration” – you see the form. Your phone number and country is required on the first page of the form. then click “Next ” once you are happy with on the information provided.

The next page is here you provide your complete information about yourself, you can call it “Bio-Data”. Your full name, email address, date of birth, gender and other minor information you ca always know the answer to. Once this stage is completed, your OK.ru profile account is compete – now time to find new friends, chat make video calls, share locations and files, etc.

Alternatively, you can as well use Facebook, Google Plus and Mail.ru to login. Just as explained above (on login selection).


Deleting Your Odnoklassniki (OK.RU) Account

At any time you can always decide to delete your account by simply Logging into your account, then go to your profile account or settings at the bottom of the account you will find the link to click on to delete your OK.RU account permanently.

But note that implication of doing this is that you will lose every files and information on that account and can’t be retrieved back again.


Hope this page delivered to you every information you wanted?

Use the comment box below in case of any confusion regarding OK.ru new registration process, logging into your account and download the official app.


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