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Online Malaysia Airlines Check In Time before Flight – Fast & Free

The Malaysia Airlines Check In Time before Flight give you the opportunity to Jump the queues and check-in from anywhere in the world before your flight, with the option to print out your boarding pass or send it to your mobile phone. Malaysia Airlines Check-In portal is indeed the fastest way to check your flight details before you start your journey.

Banner: Malaysia Airlines Check In

Malaysia Airlines check-in Methods

  • Web check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Counter check-in
  • Self-service kiosk


Web check-in

Using the Web Check-in will be available between 48 hours and 90 minutes before your flight

How to do Web and Mobile Check-in

1. You first have to visit the official website

2. Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number and follow the remaining simple steps to complete check-in.*

3. Choose your preferred boarding pass option and bring it with you to the airport:

  • Print
  • Mobile boarding
  • Apple Passbook

4. If you have baggage to check in, just proceed to the bag drop counters:

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport:
    • At least 60 minutes before your flight for domestic flights.
    • At least 60 minutes before your flight for international flights.
  • Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak airports:
    • At least 45 minutes before your flight for domestic flights.
    • At least 60 minutes before your flight for international flights.

5. If you only have carry-on baggage, please present your boarding pass and identification document at security and proceed to the gate (please note boarding gate closes 20 minutes before the departure time).

To access the web/mobile check-in site click here now!

Counter check-in

Counter check-in means you need to arrive at the airport and the Malaysia Airlines staffs will help you after you have presented your travel documents at the airport counter, check in and obtain your boarding pass.

If counter check-in is a convenient way for you, its very OK, but make sure to arrive earlier with enough time ahead, with a minimum of 60 minutes for international flights and 45 minutes for domestic flights.

The “Self Service Kiosk” is available for both Domestic and International flights: 48 hours up to 60 minutes before departure. And does not only lets you check in, but also choose your preferred seat, and print your baggage tag and boarding pass on the spot at the airport in just a few simple steps. After checking in, you can proceed to the bag drop off the counter if you have baggage to check in or make your way straight to the boarding gate if you’re carrying none.

The check-in kiosks are available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Bharu, Johor Bahru and Langkawi. Self-check-in is mandatory for all passengers with the exception of flights to Kathmandu and Dhaka.

The self-check-in service is open to all passengers except:

  • Passengers with Special Service Request which requires staff assistance.
  • Passengers in a group of more than nine people.
  • Passengers on standby status.


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Please Note:

  • If you’ve already checked-in via web and mobile, you are also required to go to the check-in kiosk to print your baggage tag before proceeding to the baggage drop counter.
  • Please ensure that your bags are within the baggage allowance to prevent any delays at the baggage drop counter.
  • If your baggage exceeds the given allowance, you will need to go to the bag drop counter to process the excess baggage. You will then be directed to the excess baggage counter to make payment before your baggage is accepted.


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