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Online PDF to Word converter | Convert DOC, DOCX, Text, JPG, PNG, Excel

Do you have an eBook that you want to convert from DOC to PDF? or you have downloaded so many pdf files but still want to cover pdf to word? Then you are on the right page because I have listed below current list online PDF to Word converter or MS word to pdf, as this page will provide you list of the free online converter to you the case may be.

Even if you have the intention to also convert to other formats which include DOC, DOCX, Text, JPG, PNG, Excel, video converter, images and audio convert and more – all you can achieve use the list of websites below.

You really do not need to pay any money to get this done to your taste.  Never the less, this page also included the premium online pdf to word converter tool which you may also want to use. Although they offer a free trial to enable you to use their services and see reasons you need to upgrade to pro version without any regrate.

You can create, sign, and share the converted file faster and easier than ever.

Although I have to be sincere with you that some of the online document converters are not free, yet there are still other websites or tools offering the same (even more) and its free tool to use.


More Advanced Features on Online PDF Converter Tools

There is more to just converting word to pdf or from pdf to other formats. There are also advanced features necessary to use and this feature is available on the listed online pdf converters.


  • Split PDF: This feature allows you to split pdf into pages.
  • Rotate PDF: It enables to rotate files.
  • Lock and Unlock PDF: This feature allows you to lock your files to disable users from being able to edit your work. Also, the Unlock feature helps you to unlock files that is luck, in case you want to edit, add or remove part of the files.
  • eSign PDF: Making a sign to indicate that the file actually comes from you or that is your version.
  • Merge PDF: – allows you to combine pages together. What I mean is bringing the different file and combining them into one file.
  • Edit PDF: Some files can’t be edited after it’s been converted. But this feature breaks that limitation and allows you to take control.


List of online pdf to word converter Tool (Also Converting to Other Formats)


Online File Converter




It’s a good premium converter to use, besides you also have to signup and have an account on SmallPdf.com


They offer many wonderful kinds of stuff which you will like and not regret signing up.




·         Compress PDF

·         PDF converter

·         PPT to PDF

·         Edit your PDF

·         Word to PDF

·         PDF to word

·         Merge PDF

·         Split PDF

·         Rotate PDF

·         eSign PDF

·         Unlock PDF

·         Excel to PDF

·         PDF to Excel

·         PDF to Excel

·         JPG to Pdf

·         Pdf to JPG

It also has a desktop application which you can download and start using from your desktop.


Free PDF Converter


Here whatever you do is free, and you do not even need signing up for an account to start using Free PDF Converter.


It also has pretty features which you can start with.




·         PDF Converter

·         PDF to Word

·         PDF to Excel

·         PDF to Powerpoint

·         PDF to Image

·         JPG to PDF





It renders a free service allowing you to do what you want on the website. The features are listed below.




·         PDF to DOC

·         PDF to DOCX

·         PDF to Text

·         PDF to JPG

·         PDF to PNG

·         XPS to PDF

·         PDF Compressor

·         Combine PDT JPG to PDF

·         Any other format to PDF


Instantly you can convert text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and images to PDF format for free with this free online PDF converter.







Online 2 PDF-Converter


This is one of my favourites as it allows users convert files to PDF, also to edit, unlock, merge PDF files, you can export PDF files (to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG) and much more.


As you visit the official website you will learn more about other things you can do right on the website for free.








Online-Convert has been the first converter I have been using. It’s just more than a converter. Or let me say that every conversion task you need can be done. Visit the site to see whole lots of opportunities to leverage on.


Apart from converting PDF or Word or rest of them, this free online file converter lets you convert your files so they can easily be upload to web services like Youtube, Instagram and the like. It’s possible to upload a file that is not recognized by these web services and convert it using presets to a format that is supported by these websites.


I can’t start listing their features cos it’s much. Visit the website. Converting is FREE.





Nitro gives a 14days free trial to use the service. After this days you have to upgrade your account.


Create, merge, edit, sign, review, and protect your documents. Nitro is the fastest, smartest way to PDF.




Adobe PDF Converter

Coming to Abobe, it is also a good file converter platform. But never for free, no free trial either.

For you to start using the platform you have to signup and select a plan that fits your need.




easypdfcloud is another converter that allows you not only to convert but also to create workflows, integrate with Dropbox and monitor your folders

It has various kind of plan, The Guest, Free plan and Pro plans.




How to convert Files

Just as the sites are different, also the process may differ too. But they have the process available on their website so that you know what to do once you enter the page.



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