How To Open A Car Wash Business

How To Open A Car Wash Business | Requirements Needed For A Car Wash Business

There are many lucrative businesses one can do in Nigeria. Instead of complaining about what is going wrong, you could decide to start a business today and make yourself some cash while offering services to the society. One of the lucrative businesses you can run in Nigeria today is a Car Wash business. In this segment, we will teach you How To Open A Car Wash Business in Nigeria. You will also get to know some important equipment needed to commence the business.

Owing a car wash is very profitable in Nigeria. Why? Nigerians are known for living luxurious lifestyles. As such, more people are buying cars almost on daily basis. Furthermore, few persons have chance to wash their cars due to status, influence or tight schedule. Whatever be the reason, you need to know how to open a car wash business and fill this gap. Let us run it now!

How To Open A Car Wash Business

How To Open A Car Wash BusinessTo open a Car Wash business, here the steps to follow:

  1. Obtain A Good Location: The most important part is to have a good location for your business. This requires careful consideration. Advisably, get a place where there are lots of vehicular movements. You could also consider some shopping malls, eating joints, super market etc areas. Prospective customers could ask for your service while they eat and refresh themselves in a bid to save time. Furthermore, ensure you acquire the approval of the owners of the location before you start. You don’t just cite a business in any location you see without obtaining necessary document agreement and approval.
  2. Consider Availability Of Water: While this could be treated in line with location, let us separate it. Car Wash business is let’s say “water-driven”. Therefore, consider the availability of water to the location you are choosing. Is water easily accessible? You could contract the services of a water supply firm. Also, if you can afford it, you could also drill a bore-hole in your business location.
  3. Get necessary Equipment: There are several and important equipment needed for the commencement of a profitable Car Wash Business. We shall treat this separately below.
  4. Do You Need Employees: Depending on demand and your plan, you could make do with hiring the services of other employees. If you do not have enough hands, most customers who are in haste could leave your shop to another. This is very, very unadvisable.
  5. CAC Registration: depending on the scope of your business, it is necessary you register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. You could follow these steps on CAC registration for your Car wash business.

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How To Open A Car Wash Business – Top Requirements And Equipment

How To Open A Car Wash BusinessWhile making plans on how to open a car wash business, the following equipment must be acquired to ensure a seamless start up. They include:

  1. Water Tanks – For water storage.
  2. Buckets
  3. Brushes
  4. Towels
  5. Detergents
  6. Car Wash Machines
  7. Generator
  8. Canopy and Few Seats for your customers to relax while you attend to them.
  9. Furthermore, you could also engage in other side businesses to boost your income. You could be selling minerals and or snacks and other light refreshments.

Do you have any question on How To Open A Car Wash Business? Use the comment box below and make it known. If you are into the business, you could also share some ideas with us that we couldn’t cover here. Remember, sharing is caring. Thank you for sharing.


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