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How To Open WhatsApp Account With US Number

How To Open WhatsApp Account With US Number – There is a new trick that would allow you to have a WhatsApp account with a US number. Yes, it is very possible. There are a lot of tricks one can use on whatsapp. Opening an account with a US number is one of them. Of course, this post is directed to whatsApp users who reside outside of the US. That is, people without an American number.

Don’t worry, there is no side effects to this. You will just be taught what most people already know. Also, with this tip, you will be well aware that not everyone with a US whatsapp number really resides in the US. We will take you and guide you on how you can do this without any stress.

How To Open WhatsApp Account With US Number

So, if you do not want people to know your personal number for security or other reasons, in this guide, we will show you How To Open WhatsApp Account With US Number. You will need to have an application called “PRIMO” to be able to do this.

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1. So, you have to download and install the Primo application to your Tablet or Android smartphone.
2. You can download easily this app from the Google Play Store.
3. After the installation, open the Primo app and complete the sign-up process, which requires verifying your original mobile number through OTP (One Time Password).
4. Once the process of verification is successfully done and then you will notice a menu button on the top left corner in the application. Click on the menu button and you will see a U.S. number (extension number of +1) at the bottom.
5. Note down that the U.S. contact number.
6. Now open your WhatsApp.
7. You are to delete the previous versions of the WhatsApp and then reinstall the new version of the Whatsapp application (unless you have the latest version).
8. Then, when it gets to verification, input the US number you have copied aside.
9. There will be two options for verification (text or call). Click on the ‘call me’ option.
10. You will be given the call on the Primo app.
11. Write down the code you will be given over the call.  Type it in for verification.
12. Finally, you have successfully signed up your  WhatsApp account with a U.S. number.

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Important Notice

Please note that the above steps doesn’t cost any extra money. You can use this number for however long you will want. You can also record your Whatsapp calls and do any other you have always wanted to do on whatsapp.

If this guide on How To Open WhatsApp Account With US Number was helpful, why not let us know below?


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