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Outlook Mail Registration – Microsoft account Sign Up – Outlook.com Login

Now every Mailing service companies are trying as much as possible to make things easy for users, let give an example with Google Account, Yahoo account and Microsoft account –  are the top mailing services on web and mobile. Now with the new Outlook.com Mail registration you automatically connects to a host of Microsoft apps and services including: OneDrive, Skype, Office Online, OneNote, and more.

No need creating different accounts if its an app or services belonging to Microsoft. That means your Outlook.com Login still serves as login for all other host of Microsoft apps and services listed above.

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So on this page you will learn how to create Outlook Mail account – starting with the Outlook Mail registration for new account process. For Microsoft Mail account what comes after your desire name are: “@outlook.com“, “@live.com” or “@hotmail.com“.

For Example:




So in which way you want your email address extension to be then you are free to select while creating a new outlook.com mail or Hotmail.com mail account it is still the same Microsoft account.

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Start Your Outlook Mail Registration Using The Steps Below

  1. Lunch your browser and enter www.outlook.com/new mail registration page or www.signup.live.com (now)
  2. You see information about you – which you need to fill up to enable you have a profile account with Microsoft AccountImage: Outlook Mail Registration form
  3. Getting to the point of providing your mobile phone, its important to enter a valid phone number and country code because at this point you have to verify your phone number before you can proceed with other sections of the Outlook Mail Registration form that comes after it. Now follow other instructions to quickly verify your phone number then continue with the rest of the form.Image: Outlook Mail Registration form 2
  4. Now the next part of the form is to prove you are “Real Human” creating outlook mail account. You have to type in the code, words or numbers just the way you saw then right in the box provided for it.image: Outlook Mail Registration form 3
  5. Now the final stage – check the promotion box if you want to be receiving promotion mails from Microsoft. Then click “Create account”.Image: Outlook Mail Registration form 4

Please note: If during the registration and you used @gmail.com, or @yandex.com, or @yahoo.com – etc, then you have to visit the main extension  and confirm or verify using any of these email address extension listed above ⇑. For example if you used john@gmail.com then you will see an instruction once you are done with the outlook.com mail registration asking you to visit your gamil and verify the outlook mail before it can start to function.

Now you just created an email account with Microsoft mailing company. But note that with the same email and password you can also use it to access all other products and services of Microsoft company.


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Outlook.com Login – How to Sign In Microsoft Outlook Mail Account

If in case you are not using an Outlook.com mail app to login then the method below is a full guide for Outlook.com Login. And this means you have to use your browser and navigate to www.Outlook.com/login. See step below:

  1. Now use either your mobile phone or desktop to visit Outlook.com sign-in page
  2. Enter your outlook mail address and click NextImage: outlook login
  3. Then you will also have to enter your password then click on “Sign In”IMage: outlook login password
  4. You just entered your eMail account using the above steps correctly.


Now to make your access more faster then ever you have to download outlook.com App right on your mobile phone, use the fast link below to download Microsoft app latest version.

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Download eMail App for Mobile

How to add any (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Yandex, Map, iCloud, etc) eMail Address to the Integrate Outlook app on Windows 10 Phones

  1. First You have to open your Outlook mail account – (Login)
  2. Click or Tap the “……” then select “settings”
  3. Click or tap “manage Accounts”
  4. Now you can Add the accounts you want
  5. Then save.

That is all!



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