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Oxygen Wallet is an India popular non-banked mobile wallet which was approved by RBI in 2013. It was started in 2004 by, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and listed company on South African Stock Exchange, Blue Label Telecom.

Oxigen Wallet is one of the top leading digital wallet offering great financial features.

Let’s talk about the Oxigen Virtual card…

Oxigen Wallet offers a virtual Card without any bank account number. Yes, no bank account, and yet the card comes with a complete features of the ATM cards Banks issues to us (card number, expiring date and CVV code).

With the virtual card, your safety to make payment is 100% guarantee. This means you won’t have to expose your main Bank card on marchant websites. Though some other services do for the same purpose too (like PayPal and PayTM).

How to Signup for Oxigen Wallet Virtual Card

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The following steps apply in order to get and start using the Oxigen Wallet’s prepaid Visa cards.

  1. Download and install the Oxigen Wallet app to your smartphone from the respective app store of your platform.

    Use any of the links below to start downloading your Oxigen Wallet app for mobile now;
    download for iOS
    download for Android
  2. Then launch/tap to open the app.
  3. You will be prompt to create a new Oxigen wallet account (or log into an existing account if you’ve already created one).
  4. Then tap the Prepaid Card option on the main screen.
  5. Complete the process to setp card. During this process you will be creating a 4-digit PIN for your card which you will be using to confirm your card while making payments.

What next after creating the card?

You can now start making payments, share it with your friends, view the list of transactions which were done using that card and delete the card as well.

Image of Oxigen Wallet Virtual Card

Deleting Your Card

If you delete a card when there is still some balance left, it will be credited to your RBL (not Oxigen Wallet) account and can only be used to create a new virtual card.

Forget Card Pin – How to resent Card PIN

It’s natural to forget PINs sometimes and its also not advisable to write it down anywhere. But don’t worry if you don’t know your PIN. It’s simple!

There is no option for resetting Oxigen Card PIN, instead, you have to If you delete the card and create a new one with a new PIN code. As simple as that!

If there was a balance on the previous card, worry not because your previous balance will be credited to the new card you’ve created.

How to use Oxigen Card Make Payments

In one way or another, we may have used our card for payment on a different online platform, right? This is also how the Oxigen card works; your Oxigen virtual card also has the full card number, expiring date and the CVV2 code.

so to use the Oxigen payment card make payment at a merchant or website, enter the full card number, expiry, and CVV2 code.

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