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P-Yes Registration Problems & How To Solve Them

We are aware that many persons are encountering P-Yes registration problems without knowing how to solve them. Do not worry. We have gathered the list of the most pressing P-Yes Registration challenges and have provided answers to them. The issues many encountered are quite many. We have seen issues of being unable to sign up as well as not receiving activation code after registration.

Others have complained of invalid activation code while some have also complained of forgotten password. Do not worry. No matter the P-Yes registration problems, we have gathered the answers here to provide for you.

Full List of P-Yes Registration Problems & Solutions

Here, we will list all possible challenges you might have faced and state their solutions.

1. Cannot sign up

If your internet connection is up and you have accessed the site before, then,  clear your browser cache and try again or try from a different browser.

2. Did not receive activation code after sign up

It is likely you have Do not disturb (DND) (click that link to find out what it is) on your phone number from the network provider. Please visit the activation page here and click ‘resend activation code’. Provide an active email address and the phone number used for sign up. Press the resend activation code button to receive an email and SMS message. Check your email. If after 10 minutes you do not receive a message via any of the above medium, please contact our support lines below. (Please ensure you provide active email addresses and phone numbers).

Also See: www.p-yes.gov.ng/login – P-YES Account Dashboard Sign In

3. Received activation code but message “Invalid activation code”

Please you will have to resend an activation code to your phone number and/or email address. Also, visit the activation page here and click the resend a verification code to your email address and phone number

4. Activated account but cannot login

You may have have a typographical error in the provision of your password. No worries, all you have to do is reset your password by visiting this link here. Provide us with your phone number to reset your password.  (Please ensure to provide the phone number you registered with).

Also See: P-YES.gov.ng Program Recruitment Portal Sign Up | www.p-yes.gov.ng Registration Form

5. Forgot the password to your applicant account?

No worries, all you have to do is reset your password by visiting this link here Provide us with your phone number to reset your password. (Please ensure to provide the phone number you registered with)

Do you have any other P-Yes registration problems that are not covered in this? Please call P-YES support line +234 (0) 809 722 2226 or send us an email at info@p-yes.gov.ng.

We hope this helps? Please share to help others too.


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