Paga Agent Sign Up Fee | Paga Agent Registration Guide |

Paga Agent Sign Up Fee | Paga Agent Registration Guide |

Image result for paga agent sign up feeIn this guide, we will give you details on the Paga agent registration guide. This includes all you need to know about how to become a paga agent. We will also cover the paga agent sign up fee. This will ensure you are well equipped with all it costs to become a paga agent. So, all the guidelines you need will be outlined here for you to follow.

Aside its primary services, Paga offers a wide range of other services which are provided by their agents all over the country. A Paga agent is simply called a ‘Paga Agent’, and some of the services you can get from an agent include: processing cash withdrawals, buying/sending airtime credits, bill payments, retail payments, and so on.

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A Paga agent earns commissions for every successful transaction and service rendered. An agent is also entitled to bonuses and incentives which mostly depend on how successful the agent is.

Paga Agent Registration Guide

Here is how to become a Paga Agent. Before now, there used to be a form on Paga’s website interested individual could fill to become an agent; however, the form has since been brought down and you’ll need to mail Paga directly to show interest in being an agent now. To become a Paga Agent, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Send an email to stating your interest in becoming an agent.
  2. One of Paga’s field representatives will contact you afterwards for further instructions on the on-boarding process.
  3. If you do not get a reply to your mail after about two weeks, it is advisable you resend the mail.

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Paga Agent Sign Up Fee

Agent sign-up fee is N20,000. This fee covers both branding and start-up fund.

Paga Agent Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


  1. How much will it cost me to be an agent? Agent sign-up fee is N20,000. This fee covers both branding and start-up fund.
  2. How much do I need to have as start-up capital? You are free to decide how much to use as start-up capital.
  3. As a new agent, will I be trained on how to transact on Paga? Yes. Once your account has been fully set up, a Paga representative will be assigned to you to train you on how Paga agents work.
  4. How do I fund my agent account? You can fund your Paga account via any of the following means: Using Paga automated deposit at any partner bank, instant bank transfer into your Paga wallet, through NIBSS e-Bills Pay in any bank branch, GT Collections, GTBank 737, through a Paga agent.
  5. Can I operate from anywhere in Nigeria? You can operate your agent account from anywhere in Nigeria.
  6. Can I operate one agent account simultaneously in different locations of the country? As a Paga agent, you can create teller/user accounts which can be used at other locations.
  7. Will I get branding materials from Paga? Yes. You will get branding materials once you become a Paga agent.

Having seen the Paga Agent Sign Up Fee, you can use this Paga Agent Registration Guide and register as a paga agent today. Good luck!


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  1. Chima johnson

    This is one week now since I fee Paga form up till now my wallet have not been open the Paga pos I but is useless.

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    They will debit you no one to cry to even the people that will give you pos wouldn’t pick your calls,,paga pls ooooo,give me my money ooo,cause is oñly fraud that paga can offer ooo,thy will set answering machine to be responding to you no result ooo

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