Top 10 Digital Marketing Terms & Meanings

Digital Marketing Terms Anyone who is into digital marketing knows that digital marketing deals with lots of abbreviations and industry specific terms. Not everyone knows that 'Ads" stands for advert. This causes difficult for ordinary people who peep into the sector as well as some new digital marketers. However, this can be breached by constant education. Here, we bring to you [...]

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Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts & Their Functions ( For PCs & Apple)

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
There are many advantages in using shortcuts when you are working with your computer or personal laptop. Some the advantages include that it can greatly increase your [...]

How To Save Web Pages For Offline Reading On Google Chrome

Save Web Pages For Offline
There have been days when I opened web pages to read and find the contents so important that i would love to read them later. By then, I never knew it was possible to save web [...]

How To Disable Automatic Android Apps Update On Your Android Phone

Disable Automatic Android Apps Update
Automatic apps update on android phones occurs when the apps installed in your phone automatically updates itself without you setting it up. Truthful, this act helps a lot in [...]

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata Plan – Also Opt-out Code Anytime

Get Free 6GB With Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan
Glo came on board changing games among all other telecommunication companies in Nigera, even across African. Glo Yakata is one of her parkage keeping all Glo sim users happy [...]

Best Free Australian Business Directories Online

Free Australian Business Directories
The importance of Business directories is often overlooked by many. Neglecting to enlist one's business in local directories could cost a business beyond their [...]

Best Study Abroad Agents In Nigeria

One of the greatest challenges in Nigeria is the challenge of quality education. As a result, many Nigerians do seek opportunities to study abroad. Annually, we have Nigerians [...]

How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Sharing Them As Stories

Add Instagram Highlights
Instagram stories is one of the best features you can use on Instagram. It allows you update your timeline but only for 24hrs. Instagram also has the story highlight feature. [...]
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