Pakistan News – Helicopter lost control before landing in Pakistan

Pakistan News – The Pakistan’s Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman on Saturday announced that the helicopter which crashed in Naltar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan had lost control due to mechanical fault moments before landing.

From the look of the image, its like the Helicopter had destroy building and properties.

Helicopter lost control in Pakistan

Helicopter lost control moments before landing, says Air Chief

The Air chief speaking to state television said the helicopters behaviour was normal just prior to landing and it suddenly lost control.

According to Air Chief Marshall Sohail Aman an investigation had started and there would be a detailed analysis of the crash.

The Air chief further said that unfortunate accidents like this did take place as he praised the solidarity shown by the international community in the wake of this tragedy. Shedding light on the horrific outcomes of such crashes, the Air chief said it was by the grace of Allah that there were survivours.

Air Chief Marshall Aman added that the pilots flying the helicopter were ‘proficient and excellent’ and had made several flights in this area.

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