Pakistan News – Kuwait to hire military experts from Pakistan

From the information gathered in on e of the Pakistan News paper,  the Kuwait government has announced the opening of its defence office in Islamabad under its diplomatic mission here and the Pakistan government has been formally informed about the decision. The Gulf state will also hire military experts from Pakistan.

The visa restriction on Pakistan nationals by Kuwait is also being removed next month. Kuwait will be the fourth country of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries that is opening its Defence Wing in Islamabad.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman have their Defence Attaches in Pakistan while Bahrain and Qatar are without defence wings in Pakistan.The Kuwaiti Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf Abdulaziz Alenzi, has left for Kuwait to have further discussions with his government since the Kuwaiti government has decided to enhance cooperation with Pakistan in various fields.

Kuwait placed restrictions on visit visas from Pakistan about six years ago and since then the export of manpower to Kuwait had become minimal.Highly-placed sources told The News on Thursday that new dimensions of cooperation between Pakistan and Kuwait had conspicuous significance as more than 130,000 immigrants from Pakistan were rendering services in the Emirate.

Kuwait has acquired the services of more than 200 doctors from Pakistan in recent months and it is also planning to hire the services of more doctors from Pakistan within a couple of weeks. The process for that would start early next month.

Kuwait has also planned to engage the services of military experts for imparting training to its army consisting of more than 11,000 personnel. The defence wing of the embassy will greatly help in picking suitable experts from retired officers/trainers.

Kuwait is among the countries that had generously provided assistance to Pakistan in difficult times and in different fields.

First, the Nawaz Sharif government actively supported Kuwait when Iraq invaded the country and occupied it. The then army chief General (retd) Mirza Aslam Beg was keen to support Saddam Hussain’s forces that had invaded Kuwait but Nawaz Sharif ruled him out and decided to support Kuwait’s liberation. Kuwait had also been providing assistance to Pakistan in the supply of petroleum products in the past.

It is understood that once the restriction for visas relax, Kuwait will prefer to import skilled workers from Pakistan. Such export of manpower will greatly help in improving the economy of Pakistan and also help in enhancing the foreign exchange reserves, the sources said.

Kuwait belongs to the group of the GCC that is siding with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, the sources said.

Pakistan News – Kuwait to hire military experts from Pakistan

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