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How to participate in the 2015 Peak Milk Million Promo


Peak 2015 Milk Million Promo image
Peak 2015 Milk Million Promo run from July 27 to September 2015

2015 Peak Milk Million Promo – As part of Peak’s 60th anniversary celebration, FrieslandCampina WAMCO, makers of Nigeria’s No. 1 milk brand – Peak Milk- is set to reward its consumers for 60 years of patronage and loyalty.

Guideline to participate in the 2015 Peak Milk Million Promo

To participate in the promo, consumers must buy any Peak milk product. On every pack purchased, there is a ‘unique code’ starting with ‘BN’ (→BN & code). Participants should text the code found on each pack to 55331; e.g. text BNRF205159 to 55331. An immediate engagement reply follows to guide the consumers on their millionaire journey.

Peak Milk Promo Prize to be Won

N1,000,000 to one lucky winner chosen everyday for 60 days. Other winning categories in the ‘Peak Reach for Millions’ promo are N1000, N5000, N10000 and N15000.

While the  Successful entries by the first 500,000 consumers will be instantly rewarded with 100 naira credited into their e-wallet courtesy of First Monie, the financial partner.

Winners will be selected daily through secured random draws. Every lucky winner gets a claim code that will be sent directly to their mobile phone number. Every winner will be directed to selected First Bank branch in their location to redeem his or her cash winning.

How to Redem your Peak Milk Promo Prize:

For redemption, consumers will be required to present used packs of Peak Milk range as proof of purchase at selected First Bank Branches with a confirmed winning code to redeem their cash prizes after a thorough verification for the codes and empty packs.

Expiring date for the 2015 Peak Milk Million Promo

Sixty  millionaires will be made in 60 days during the promo, which will run from July 27 to September 2015.


58 responses to “How to participate in the 2015 Peak Milk Million Promo”

  1. Daniel Teino

    I am very interested in this promo, hope is not 419 stuff?

  2. Ezeh Confidence Amuche

    i am participating for the peak milk promo,so they said that i should register for first monie account and when i reach to date of birth it does not go so can some one tell me how to do that b/c their phone was not going p/s i need help so contact me through my phone no 08037153516 tanx.

  3. Sir Kay

    Pls what we read on the page of peak milk websites has additional info on the issue of first money.i tried this on the net but it wouldn’t register me

    1. onlinedailys

      How did you do it?? So i will know what went wrong.

  4. Timothy

    They said I won 10000 that a customer agent was going to contact me on how to claim redeemed the money but up till now nobody has called me and am worried.I hope its not what am thinking…

    1. onlinedailys

      call the number. or go to the nearest redemption center around you. But before then, make sure to call the Peak milk call service number. You are lucky

  5. Timothy

    Call which number?I don’t even know any redemption centre in makurdi.please peak milk try and contact me b/c am running out of patience,thanks….

  6. Timothy

    Onlinedailies are u nt going to reply me?

  7. ISAH

    We are waiting 4 our gift


    I got a text dt i won N5000 yestday that a customer care rep will call me. uptill now nobody called me. I called a numberthey once asked me to call in one of their msgs from 33551, nobody picked it. Pls i need directive on how to redeem my prize money if u people are sure d promo is not a scam. Thanks for ur anticipated response

  9. Aisha Atanda

    I won N15000 and I was contacted by a customer care rep today, will be goin to first bank in my area morrow. So I dont think there is a problem.


      Hi, pls I keep getting the response that my code is invalid. i dont think i could have bought fake peak milk. pls whats the proper way to send the code?

  10. michael

    i cant register for my pin wot wil i do

  11. Vivian

    Plz I was contacted with peak customer’s service and they told me that i won 15000 that there’re going to contact me within 48hr,until now I hv not heard anything from then,since two-weeks now.hope is for real?

  12. Timothy

    Pls.i want to know the exact date which this show is going to end?and why am in getting reply each time I use my glo-sim…



    1. onlinedailys

      meaning that you have not won any thing yet… Sorry

  14. foluke

    pls, is the promo still on? will it last to the end of september 2015.

    1. onlinedailys


  15. Surayya

    do i need a firstmonie account to participate?

  16. Happiness

    Hello, I sent a code I got from peak evaporated milk I bought to 55331. starting with BN and the code, it keep on sending me sms that my message does not contain a valid code. what do I do? Thanks

  17. Dozzy

    Shld i hv firstbank account be4 participating?

    1. onlinedailys


  18. Adekunle ogundeji

    I we be a million dis week

  19. Oyiza Anayoro

    I sent d codes tru my Etisalat No nd dere’s no reply dos dat mean i shld use only Mtn sim

    1. onlinedailys

      U can use any of the four sim card

  20. Stephen

    How many digits is the code and why is message coming with message not delivered as reply

    1. onlinedailys

      go back to the article at the top to read the guidelines again

  21. kenneth

    why that peak milk is not replying on Etisalat sim

    1. onlinedailys

      it could be network issue

  22. helen

    I bought peak milk powder in a container and I have sent the code to the given number 55331 but haven’t gotten any reply to show if it is a win win or try again. What do you think is the problem? Thanks

    1. onlinedailys

      As long the game is still on, every thing you have done is very correct. All you have to do is check again if you sent it to the right short-code number

  23. VICTOR

    PLS how do i register my 5 digit pin number



  25. patrick bright

    this was the first reply I got
    Congrats! You have won a N100 reward. To claim dial *894# to create a Firstmonie account. Existing accounts will be credited in 48 hrs.
    wen I try to create the firstmonie account, getting to my date of birth it wn work again y?

    an today this is the reply I got
    Well done! Keep buying Peak and entering to win. The more you enter the higher value the prizes. 13,500 prizes to be won. Keep all empty Peak packs. how do I go about it? ???

    1. onlinedailys

      the last reply means “try again”

  26. joe

    How much does d text to 55331 cost?

    1. onlinedailys

      I think not more than #50

  27. helen

    I still haven’t gotten any reply. Can I get your customer care nos

  28. Ano

    Should I include the colon “:” while typing the code? Never receive any response in all d codes I sent

    1. onlinedailys

      just do as instructed above

  29. olapade akinola

    hi, please i need to etisalat line is not giving me d responce mesage most of the time i send my entries,yet my money is been deducted.should i believ my entries are acepted or should i keep trying until i get responce

  30. jamiu

    this promo is real.I witnessed some whom won 1million.

  31. dauda ibrahim

    Please I live in kaduna and I receive a call from peak customer service agent he directed me to a firstbank branch at kaduna ppmc junction and its far from my area so will I be able to go to any other firstbank branch to redeem my winning prize

    1. onlinedailys

      Just do what you are asked to do. Or you can still try by going to other bank

  32. uchechukwu mary ifeyinwa

    i have won 100 naria 2 times and stil have not gotting any,they send massage to go to nearby first bank to update my record, i went nearby first bank they asked me to open account with first before they can assist me and i opened an account with yet i have not be reward or receive any price please why
    also i have call the peak milk customer line and what i wil be hearing is only music please i seriouly need your help

    1. onlinedailys

      Do u mean 1,000 or 10,000, or 100 naira??

  33. William

    Peak promo is real. I enjoy 15,000 and 5,000 Frm them

    1. onlinedailys

      You are really a lucky winner. Keep on winning…

      1. Mrs kucheli simon

        Here is what peak milk 55331 text me. Great job! Next level is N1m. We/u0027re making one millionaire every day, so keep entering for a chance to be millionaire. Keep all empty peak packs. So what does this text mean?

  34. William

    About d date issue use this format. 16081985 No spacing ok. Start enjoyin now

  35. omot

    I keep getting ‘ invalid code’ as reply from 55331. I think the promo is for Naija Peak not Hollande peak. The code in Hollande peak keeps bouncing

  36. sadiq

    I have won 1500,10000,50000,&1500 agan.but d prob is that,day sand me d money in my firstmonie acc , but d money is not in avalabile balance.pls help me AUT or call me 08039524735 pls call

  37. Peak Promo

    Contact care number for any issue with ur winning and for info on how to claim. Call 08100888817

  38. Danjuma jibrin

    I luv peak product(i want to promote this promo”either abuja or any were and iam mobile,waiting for your response thanks


    Peak promo is real because i have won N100, N100 & N10,000 respectively. so dont be hesitate just keep trying

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